Ford Ranger to the Rescue this Winter


The Ford Ranger and Transits are getting ready for the coldest winter in 100 years that we are about to face. This fleet with 140 vehicles from the company GRITIT who are specialists in snow clearance will be gritting the roads and providing maintenance services.

GRITIT’s Fleet

This year they have bought 40 more vehicles, cab Rangers which will be joining the other 30 of the previous model which were acquired in 2011. As well as these, in their fleet they also have over 70 transit vans and chassis cab conversions. These enable them provide 100,000 service visits around the UK. They have 92 depots which makes them very accessible.


This is great news for other companies that have a large fleet that need to keep moving during this winter. With the roads already cleared it means there should be less accidents on the roads meaning fewer claims on commercial vehicle insurance policies. With GRITIT’s fleets growing this means we will all be safer on the roads no matter what vehicle we drive.

Nikki Singh-Barmi is the managing director at GRITIT and he said, “Ford’s vehicles provide excellent reliability which is essential for our business. GRITIT operators visit retail, commercial, industrial, logistics and health sector premises, demanding the upmost in versatility. Fords highly maneuverable, four-wheel drive Ranger provides exactly what we need.

“We expect excellence from our operators so we give them the best equipment on the market. We’re constantly monitoring the competition, but nothing competes with Ford and the excellent after sales support we receive”



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