Extending the use of Telematics in your Fleet

Many fleets use telematics and the benefits are quite clear. When asked, fleet managers cited that telematics had the benefit of increasing vehicle use, routes, driver timesheet management, fuel monitoring, maintenance scheduling and so on. In short, telematics can prove a huge advantage when considering the promotion of efficiency in fleet management.

Track your driver

Using telematics, you can find out where the nearest van is and what it is doing and tell whether your drivers are doing their job. With the power of such information, you can do so many things, and make sure tasks are being performed as smoothly as possible.

Telematics can also see how drivers perform and behave, thus proposing the real possibility of reducing fuel consumption, carbon emissions and so on, by identifying and educating those drivers who accelerate harshly. The chief executive of the BVRLA, John Lewis said that “when used correctly, telematics can help an organisation manage its fleet costs and duty of care requirements. It also provides an accurate way for companies to capture and record business mileage data which is very useful if HMRC decides it wants to audit your records.”

Mr Graham, Chairman of the ICFM (Institute of Car Fleet Management) also voiced his approval for telematics saying that: “There’s no doubt that telematics can enhance fleet and asset management. Driver behaviour is among the biggest cost management issue that fleet managers regularly have to address and using telematics is one way of addressing this.”


How can telematics continue to benefit a fleet though? There will be a point where fleet benefits will plateau out and benefits such as van insurance discounts and driver monitoring will reach their limits. The key long term though is to choose the right telematics system to start off with. If you’re going to invest in a system, make sure that extra upgrades purchases aren’t needed, whether hardware or software. Make sure you minimize the possibility of being a victim of built-in-obsolescence in what is ultimately a fairly new market.



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