European van drivers welcome van speed limiters

It seems now just a matter of time before the debate on van speed limiters for vans takes place in the UK after yet another European country followed the lead of Germany. The motorists of Italy followed their German cousins by indicating in a survey that they would welcome speed governors on vans.

Vive La Difference?

It will also come as a gentle reminder to those with commercial vehicle insurance that covers them for travel in a foreign country that rules and regulations differ from border to border.

Not a new topic

The issue of speed limiters for vans was first aired many years ago in Europe. The fact that there is no official speed limit on some autobahns and auto strata’s meant that the damage caused by heavy goods vehicles crashing when travelling at speed was the sort of horrific accident that often made the headlines. Lorries were eventually fitted with limiters at 100 kph and now the same speed maximum is recommended for vans.

German agreement across the board

In Germany last year a survey of its readers by Autobild, the most prestigious auto magazine in Germany, found an overwhelming majority of motorists favoured the fitting of speed limiters on vans. The results of the survey were even repeated in a transport industry magazine. The fact that van drivers with van insurance were in favour of fitting the devices put German politicians under pressure to lobby the idea at the European commission.

Safety aspect overwhelming

Of course van drivers now live in a world where decisions are based on ecological data as much as engineering and the fact that limiters set at 100kph cuts carbon emissions by around 7% is enough to vindicate the measure. Surely a more vital statistic is the fact that accident assessors reckon the limiters will cut van accidents virtually in half. Now that is impressive.

Italian entry in the debate may bring decision closer

Impressive enough to persuade the Italian authorities to go down the same path as the Germans. A survey conducted by a well known market research company has mirrored the survey carried out by Autobild in Germany, and now the European commissioners responsible for transport regulation are expected to introduce the limiters sooner rather than later.



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