Eco rally attracts the stars

With the focus of commercial transport ever more polarising on sustainable energy, the fifth running of the Bridgestone Eco rally last weekend gave green vehicles designed for buyers with an interest in commercial van insurance the perfect opportunity to advertise their suitability for today’s market.

Clutch of celebrities

The rally that started off in Oxford and finished in Pall Mall was run in conjunction with START and featured all manner of vehicles whose prime function is to deliver low or zero emission motoring. The vehicles included cars, vans, motorbikes and trucks and featured such notable manufacturers as Aston Martin, Ford, Lotus, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Honda. Determined not to be outdone by mere engines a whole phalanx of celebrities took part in the rally or greeted the finishers in Pall Mall. They included the ubiquitous Mayor of London, Boris Johnson and other motoring fans such as Quentin Wilson, Lucy Siegle, Kevin McCloud and past Formula 1 driver Eddie Irvine.

Leaf and Connect the main focus

The notable gathering saw the first generation of mass production line electric vehicles make their bow with special focus on the Nissan Leaf, which has been on general sale for six months, and the first mass produced all electric van on the roads of the UK, the Ford Transit Connect Electric. It is in the interest of all motor manufacturers that these two models attract plenty of interest from prospective buyers, and it will come as a relief to Ford and Nissan if the two models start attracting attention from companies prepared to bulk buy and cover with vehicle insurance.

Public yet to be convinced

It is no accident that the Nissan Leaf is being advertised as being capable of travelling 100 miles for just £2 when the current price of fuel is nudging £1.50 a litre for commercial users. The Leaf which is almost £30,000 before the Government subsidy of £5,000 and the Ford Transit connect electric at almost £40,000 are considerably more than their conventionally fuelled counterparts, and until the price of the new breed of eco warriors comes down, the public may well take a lot more persuading to come on board than was originally thought.



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