Drivers should prepare now for London Low Emission Zone changes

With just six months to go before the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) impacts on around 150,000 van and lorry drivers, Kulvee Ranger, Boris Johnson’s Director of the Environment, is the latest high profile leader to remind drivers of vans with commercial vehicle insurance of the penalties they will incur for non compliance with the LEZ.

Whole host of vehicles included for 2012

The charges for being caught out by the new rules do not bear thinking about for anyone running a business. Vehicles that are affected will be charged a minimum of £100 a day to enter the zone and apart from van drivers, owners of motor homes and motor caravans may well be affected. The new legislation will also affect ambulances and mini buses, utility vehicles and pickup trucks.

New legislation should benefit all

The Director of Environment pointed out that better air quality is something that will benefit everyone in a city that is said to lose 4,000 citizens a year prematurely because of air pollution. He also pointed out that Mayor Johnson has been doing a sterling job in persuading van manufacturers to help out London’s army of tradesmen, couriers and haulage professionals.

Manufacturers offering green deals

The Mayors consultation with motor manufacturers certainly seems to have done the job. Fiat, Renault, Ford, Volkswagen and Peugeot have all made special offers to van drivers who need to upgrade their vehicles, with some offering small deposit requirements, payment holidays and low interest rates. The deals also get better if van drivers are looking to get van quotes on the more environmentally friendly models.

Drivers warned to comply quickly

Van drivers who will upgrade their present vehicle rather than buy a new one should be mindful of the time it may take to get the work carried out. Motor maintenance companies are preparing for a rush of business towards the end of the year but say that ordering a new filter, fitting it to the van and then getting the vehicle certified could easily take three months. Very few van drivers can afford to lose their vehicle for such a length of time and some will be checking their commercial van insurance cover to see if they are protected in these circumstances.


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