Demand for Used Vans Boosted by New Emission Rules

It may seem strange but many van drivers in the UK, especially around London, are looking to get rid of their commercial vehicle and pick up an older, used one. The reason for this is that new emission rules on vans comes into place at the start of next year and vans built between 2002 and 2006 are the most compliant.

The new emission rule comes into force in the UK on 3rd January 2012, at which time van drivers who’s commercial vehicles don’t meet Euro 3 Emission Standards could end up paying a £100 daily charge for entering the London Emission Zone (LEZ).

Second Hand Sites Booming

Manheim Remarketing, a vehicle auction site, has said that because of this new rule change they have seen a huge increase in the amount of people visiting their website, looking for second hand vans that meet the new emission rules.

The auctions for 3-5 year old vans have been the most popular and in fact some second hand vans have had over 350 buyers competing for them. When asked about the boom in second hand vans, James Davis, director of commercial vehicles at Manheim Remarketing said: “I would encourage dealers to source vans now rather than wait until the end of the year as there will likely be a large number of drivers wanting to avoid paying the £100 daily charge for entering the LEZ.”

Things to be Aware of

Although picking up a second hand van may save you a £100 daily charge it is still worth taking into account the other costs you may face. Unlike with a new van you cannot be sure of any problems it has had in the past and so you should have a full garage check up straight away to uncover any potential problems or use a service such as My Reg Check to see if it has been involved in any bad crashes.

You will also want to get a new van insurance quote on any second hand van you are interested in to make sure your premiums are not going to shoot through the roof! You may save money on emissions charges but if your insurance goes up this saving may be in vain.

We are always behind initiative that lower emissions and save money, but you don’t want to save yourself a few quid now only to get stung later by repairs or an increased insurance premium.



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