Commercial Fleets to Support Go 20


Today there been a campaign launched nationally which is targeted to all drivers to Go 20. This is in order to fulfill the 2012 legacy for safe walking and cycling for all.


Brake is the road safety charity and they are asking drivers to reduce their speed around homes schools and shops. This will encourage more children and adults to walk or cycle in more built up areas.


Commercial vehicle fleet operators across the country are helping in the campaign by getting involved with Brake and by mobilising communities in raising awareness activities.

One of the benefits of taking part in the scheme is that if you are travelling at 20 mph and you do have a crash, the damage is a lot less than if you were travelling faster. For fleets this may mean the difference between claiming on the commercial vehicle insurance and not.

Go 20

Fleet operators aren’t the only ones taking part, thousands of schools and groups within many communities are encouraging others to take part in the week long campaign and show their commitment to road safety.

If you haven’t registered already, you still can. The aim is to fulfil the legacy of active communities and prevent serious injuries which increased in 2011.
Many authorities around the country are already acknowledging the benefits of slower driving and are implementing it already. Go 20 wants more authorities to do this and for 20 mph to be the norm rather than 30mph, they are also hoping that drivers will slow to 20mph instinctively around homes and busy areas.




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