Citroen Berlingo to have Facelift


The Citroen Berlingo is a much loved van here on the VanQuoteDirect blog, and now Citroen has revealed a face lifted version of it. I for one hope it still offers all the same brilliance as the previous models did! The Berlingo will be offered in the passenger and commercial variants as per usual, which means there will undoubtedly be a large number of mini van insurance policies being taken out on the 2012 model of the Berlingo.

So far details are only known about the Berlingo Multispace, which will be the passenger based version of the much loved little van.

Exterior Updates

The Citroen will come with a range of notable alterations on the outside. The Berlingo minivan will now come equipped with a wider and more defined grille, a new chevron badge and a new headlight arrangement. The new headlights can also include the optional extra of LEDs.

Furthermore, it will come with redesigned mirrors and some funky new alloy wheels and Citroen are also going to release an optional styling kit for the mini van, called the “Black Pack”. This will see the Berlingo don some Onyx Black trim on the top of the front bumper, side mirrors, side strips and rear number plate moulding.

Interior Updates and the Engine

The Berlingo Multispace inside will get a new assortment of colours for prospective owners to choose from and the interior will be built using a higher quality of materials throughout. The Multispace will also be available with either five seats or seven seats to carry its passengers in.

Like the old Berlingo, there will be a variety of engines to choose from for this 2012 model. These include the e-HDi Airdream diesel that offers up to 90bhp and uses Stop & Start and a six speed automatic gearbox. Not exactly a performance based machine this one!

Let’s hope this mini van will still give us the same thrill as the previous model.



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