Centre Parcs Takes on a New Fleet


The largest delivery of Renault Kangoo electric vehicles are to be delivered to Centre Parcs as they are replacing their current fleet of electric vehicles. They are buying 22 Renault Maxi Z.E’s to become part of a fleet of 150.

The Fleet

Centre Parcs have mostly light commercial vehicles of different makes at four locations. They are based in Sherwood Forest, Elveden Forest, Longleat Forest and Whinfell Forest. They use the vehicles for mainly maintenance purposes and for the technical sector of the business. They are also used to aid the “Dining – In” services they provide which delivers food and drinks to those staying in the Parc.

As well as the Renault Kangoo’s they are also purchasing seven Honda Insight hybrids. They are replacing 51 of the current vehicles in their fleet in the first phase of replacing the whole fleet.

They decided to use electric vehicles over five years ago to have an emission free area in all their Parcs. The environmentally friendly fleet was suggested by the CLM and they now have a policy that no petrol vehicles are to be used in the holiday villages at all.

By changing their fleet over the coming months they will have to reconsider changing their commercial vehicle insurance as their vehicles are a key part in running the business effectively.

The Reason

Chris Allgood from CLM has said, “The existing vehicles have not proved hardy or durable enough for the job in question and so we have moved away from the previous vehicles and selected models from a more mainstream manufacturer.

“We have done this for several reasons but durability, suitability for purpose and recharging time are all key factors. Also important is that the Kangoos use lithium ion batteries which can be recharged to full capacity in external conditions, while with the lead acid batteries of the previous models, we found they were affected by the cold weather and could not be fully recharged in temperatures which dropped down to minus 10 degrees in winter.”

Mike Henderson is the operations project manager and he said, “We are delighted to be continuing our partnership with CLM and continuing to embrace alternative fuel technology within our organisation.”
“We have always been early adopters of green technology and many valuable lessons have been learnt over the past five years which serves to five us more knowledge and confidence that the Renault Kangoo Z.E and Honda Insight vehicles will help to drive our emissions down even further.”



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