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Keeping Your Van Secure

Securing your van is absolutely essential for your trade. Without effective van security your van and goods will be at risk from opportunist thieves. Van thefts have also been rife in recent months, or more specifically, catalytic converters have been vulnerable due to their high scrap value, and so it has become increasingly important to lock up your van and ensure it is secured and insured with a decent commercial vehicle insurance quote.
Security Strategies
In order […]

Sprinter Vans Targeted by Thieves

Van drivers are being told in Durham to guard their vehicles carefully over coming weeks following a number of catalytic converter thefts in the area. However, it seems that one particular model is being targeted by thieves: the Mercedes Sprinter van.
Police have stated that there have been, in the last fortnight alone, around 20 separate thefts of catalytic converters from Mercedes Sprinter vans. That is a rather staggering amount, and something that needs to be […]

Unwanted extras in used van purchase

What do you expect to get as extras when you buy a used van? Obviously it all depends on the model and how much you are prepared to spend. Many manufacturers put together special offers to improve sales, especially when a new range is unveiled. On top of manufacturer’s discounts, showrooms will also sometimes offer extras in their sales pitch on new vehicles but deals on used vans are not so good, usually.
Not a commercial business
When […]

Drivers due to incur even more costs as we approach winter

Drivers with an interest in commercial vehicle insurance are facing yet another bleak winter if reports from several different organisations allied to the transport industry prove to be correct.
Fuel price to accelerate… again!
First of all, the Road Haulage Association (RHA), a motoring group that many van drivers are members of, are predicting petrol and diesel prices will hit record levels again in the next few months as the weak performance of the pound in the […]

Hitch hiking almost a thing of the past

How long is it since, if ever, you picked up a hitchhiker while driving your car? A better question may be when was the last time you actually saw a hitchhiker?
No thumbs up
We are all familiar with the site of people showing their special plates to attract the attention of other professionals to give them a lift but the sight of a student, rucksack et al, at the side of the road thumbing a lift has […]

Government campaign ignored by drivers in a hurry

The results of a survey by a company in the health and nutrition business has provided staggering results, and proves that Government initiatives to encourage van drivers and other motorists to take breaks on long journeys is simply being ignored.
Sleepy driver’s commonplace
The companies involved in the survey, BRAKE the road safety campaign group and the Cambridge Diet Company, interviewed one thousand drivers including occasional motorists all the way through to tradesman with commercial vehicle insurance who […]

Economics of new breed of vehicles questioned

At the very moment that electric vehicles begin to make their presence felt on the byways and highways of the UK, concerns about the economics and its viability are coming to the fore.
Uptake on new vehicles slow
The launch of the Nissan Leaf car at the turn of the year was supposed to herald in a new era of low emission and low cost motoring. The £5,000 government subsidy and the plan to spread the […]

Can van drivers afford a bad winter again?

The effects of the Uk’s coldest winter spell for many years had a devastating effect on many courier and transport businesses in Scotland and Northern England last November and although we are now entering the week of the summer solstice, long range weather forecasters are warning the haulage industry to get their commercial vehicle insurance policies sorted out now.
Correct tread will keep vans in good stead
In particular, van insurance companies are reminding professional drivers that […]

Driver education for speeding drivers splits opinion

The verdict is still out on the decision of the Department of Transports to allow Police Forces across the UK new options when it comes to prosecuting speeding van drivers and other motorists.
Second chance option gains favour with the police
Transport minister Philip Hammond famously said that: “We’re going to crack down on the most reckless and dangerous drivers, we’re going to support those who are basically law-abiding but who perhaps have an occasional lapse.” When […]

Traffic chaos once again as Bank Holiday looms

As Britain’s van drivers prepare for a big surge in delivery orders prior to the Easter holidays it appears that once again some customers will be disappointed when ordered goods don’t turn up in time.
Repeat of December
The last thing hauliers and couriers can afford to happen the first big public holiday after the nightmare road conditions of Christmas and the New Year is traffic chaos brought about by poor management of the UK’s highway […]