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Van drivers warned slack parking could easily backfire

White Van men are notoriously terrible drivers, slack parking, disregard for their own vehicles and those of other road users show a general ‘we own the road’ attitude. At a time when jobs are at a premium, and securing work to keep their vans with enough orders to keep their business ticking over is paramount, van drivers are facing an old hazard in a new and more expensive form.
Security all important
For many years trade vans and home delivery vans have always been susceptible to the […]

Speed camera vans targeted again in the Republic

For the second time since their inception in November 2010, traffic speed vans have been the target of bombers in the Republic of Ireland.
With the country still trying to come to terms with the harsh reality of life under the financial strictures imposed by the International Monetary Fund, it seems some drivers can’t come to terms with road safety measures. The private company who operate the vans will now be urgently reviewing their commercial van insurance cover and wondering if they will be subjected to […]

Delivery firm fit ‘Vancams’

A company operating a nationwide delivery service has taken the decision to fit 50 of its delivery vehicles with controversial ‘Vancams’.
City Link has at great cost implemented the cameras on their vans after running a trial that proved hugely successful. For three months a pilot scheme operated at depots around the country and the result was a 100% success. The vans with cameras had no traffic accidents, no reports of health and safety transgressions, no damage to vans and, impressively no loss of parcels.
The vans […]