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Is the ‘Peel and Steal’ craze on the rise as we go into the Winter months?

At the beginning of 2017 there was a huge epidemic in the number of van tool thefts in the UK; putting many tradespeople out of work. We want to help our customers avoid this kind of incident by increasing the physical security for their vehicles and tools and by looking into insurance policies that could help you if you ever were a victim of a ‘Peel and Steal’ crime.
What is the ‘Peel and Steal’?
There are criminals in many areas throughout the UK including the West […]

Keycare Insurance Cover now Available from Us!

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Bedford Keycare
KeyCare Insurance – The Benefits:
• Up to 35% of keys are recovered
• No excess to pay at point of claim
• Protects No Claims Record on car / home insurance policy
• Any keys attached to the fob are covered, including Infra-Red remote
• Personal security is never compromised
• Available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
• Complete peace of mind
• Unlimited claims up to […]

Keeping your Commercial Vehicle Safe

Keep your vehicle safe – Using a van for work can be hugely beneficial, especially if you have heavy tools you need to lug around on a daily basis. The only problem is that there are some untrustworthy people out there that will do anything for money so if you leave your tools in your van overnight they are not necessarily safe. The poor security of vans entices thieves as they are viewed a soft target due to the high rewards they may gain from […]

Keeping your van and its contents safe

For many people vans are not just a means of transport but vehicles that are essential to their business and livelihood. However, with vans often carrying expensive tools and parts, it also makes them very appealing targets for thieves.

Commercial Vehicles Targeted

The Procurator Fiscal has had several reports made to them about the police mainly targeting commercial vehicles in Fort William and Inverness.
The Operation
They had a two day operation that lasted two days where they uncovered a vast amount of offences. These included everything from drug possession to environmental offences. On top of this the automatically banned six vehicles from using the roads as they were in such a dangerous condition. This meant anyone who didn’t have a valid commercial vehicle insurance policy would have been […]

Law Breach?

It has been reported that a commercial van and truck dealer located in Blackburn has allegedly breached competition laws with other dealers. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has alleged that Mercedes-Benz and five dealers, including Ciceley, in Blackburn, have infringed the laws regarding healthy competition.
These laws are put in place to encourage healthy and fair competition between businesses and a breach of such laws can be incredibly damaging.
Additional Dealers
The additional dealers have been named by the OFT as Enza, Northside, Road Range and H&L. […]

York arson attacks add to catalogue of damage

It has been a bad August for both van drivers and van insurance companies. With very little respite in the price of fuel and little prospect of road taxes or insurance coming down anyone who uses their van to make a living has found 2011 a bit of a challenge. Van insurance brokers are finding it more and more difficult to find their customers a better quote than their renewal quote and many professional drivers are now resorting to the internet and online van insurance […]

Van theft should be a warning for others

A recent incident in the Waltham Forest area of London exemplifies the value of good commercial vehicle insurance and how important comprehensive cover can be. It is quite normal for any business to look for savings on their outgoings, and cheap van insurance is certainly one way of saving money, it is though, imperative that the insurance covers all contingencies.
Chase to no avail
It started as a normal day for Karen Flint working at her household services business until a neighbour rushed in to tell her […]

Thieves looking to cash in on catalytic converters

As the spate of metal thefts gathers pace across the country, van drivers and charities are finding themselves in the middle of a “battlefield” which is being overrun by organised gangs of criminals.
Soaring scrap metal prices to blame
Many social experts are putting down the spate of thefts as symptomatic of a society that is struggling with unemployment, high inflation and soaring energy bills. Others are putting it down to the soaring price of scrap metal! Whatever the reason, more and more van drivers are making […]

Being uninsured – Ignorance is no excuse

Van drivers across the UK are being asked to check their commercial van insurance policies this week as a number of recent court cases have proved that ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law.
Drivers unaware they are not insured
Many van drivers routinely lose their driving licences every year for driving being uninsured but usually the culprits are completely aware that they are breaking the law. Recent cases have shown that some drivers are not aware that they are in fact driving without insurance.
Differences in […]