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How often do you wash yours?

A recent survey has shown that van drivers are not only quick to clean up on any good van insurance offers; they are pretty smart when it comes to cleaning their vans too.
The survey carried out by a company offering commercial vehicle insurance to van drivers showed that the White Van Man was more conscious of the outside appearance of his vehicle than any other road user. Apparently almost 40% of van drivers clean their vehicle on a weekly basis compared to only 15% of […]

Drive smart and save money on insurance

For any van driver, the renewal of their commercial vehicle insurance is important. Obviously it is important because without it one should not be on the road but apart from that, many van drivers still regard insurance as a necessary evil.
To get a good deal on van insurance gives a driver that comfortable feeling of being ahead of the game. It’s marvellous how saving £50 can have such an uplifting effect. The trick is to put some work into getting that good deal.
First of all […]

Tyre manufacturer treading a fine line

Van drivers in the UK are just as keen as other motorists in seeking ways to save money on their daily driving costs. Looking for savings on their commercial vehicle insurance, finding short cuts on their delivery rounds and driving the vehicle at its optimum fuel saving speed are all well known and acknowledged ways of achieving this. There are other ways as well.
Tyre manufacturer, Continental tyres have just released a new tyre that they believe will save van drivers money and have lots of […]

Taking Care of Your Tyres – Why? and How?

Tyres are not the most conspicuous of components.  Unless you experience a puncture, or are into F1 or monster trucking, you may not have paid them great amounts of attention.
Perhaps this may explain the alarming statistic, uncovered by tyre-manufacturer Continental recently, that nearly 40% of drivers had never checked the condition of their vehicle’s tyres.  More than 30% of drivers had never taken the time to check their tread-depth, and an even smaller number actually knew what the legal requirement for tread-depth is.
Speaking for continental, […]