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Keeping your Commercial Vehicle on the Road this Winter

When it comes to running your commercial vehicle this winter it can be hard to ensure that your vehicle stays on the road during the cold weather especially in snow or icy conditions. Below we have come up with our top tips for keeping your commercial vehicle on the road during the winter whilst keeping you safe and your costs down.

Meals on no wheels as thieves hit vans

A number of vans used to deliver hot meals to older and vulnerable people across the city of Wolverhampton were left severely damaged after the raid at the adult training centre last night in Stowheath Lane, Bilston.

Driving In Snow & Ice

Later this week, the UK is expecting another bout of cold weather. Just as we thought Spring was upon us, with some parts of the UK reaching the giddy heights of 14°C, the weather forecast has taken a turn for the worst. As such, the following guide (released by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)) may be helpful for those drivers who didn’t fare quite as well several weeks ago.

British Winters: The Farce

In Britain we are cursed with one of the most unpredictable (some say, the most unpredictable) weather systems in the world. This is because we are susceptible to a myriad of factors including maritime/continental air masses, the Gulf Stream, the Jet Stream; to the extent that the British Isles have been known to see the weather of all four seasons in one day.

Run-flat tyre market increasing

Run-flat tyres are, for most people, the product of action films where ‘cops’ fail to stop an escaping vehicle despite ‘shooting out’ their tyres.

Over 2/3rds of drivers uninformed of EU tyre label system

The tyre manufacturer Continental revealed that after questioning a sample of motorists, the vast majority were unaware of the new tyre label system which was newly put into place in November of last year.

ATS Tyres to Service Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Derbyshire based Commercial Vehicle Solutions has recently signed a new contract with ATS Tyres Euromaster, who will now be in charged of supplying and servicing a 2,300 fleet for the company. This is great news, as with fully functioning and serviced vans on the road there will be less chance of Commercial Vehicle Solutions having to claim on their commercial vehicle insurance policy.

Friday Five: Best Tyres for Winter

We run down the top 5 best tyres for winter use – With the cold weather well and truly here it is essential to make sure your fleet or personal van is kitted out with the best equipment for these conditions. This means winter tyres are a must have. They have a special tread pattern which means they have improved grip on the road in winter conditions. Usually they work best when the temperature drops below 7 degrees as they improve safety by shortening stopping […]

The new EU tyre label

Our friends in Brussels have decided to implement a new tyre label system.
However, the choice of tyre is a factor which is often overlooked by both fleet managers and commercial vehicle insurance companies. Could this change the way in which fleet managers choose their tyres?

Winter Tyres are Essential

An information campaign has been launched by Goodyear Dunlop to advice owners of commercial vehicles on how to stay safe during the winter on the roads.
This is the result of recent statistics that have shown that 568 accidents that happened on the roads were because of snow and ice, even though we aren’t a country renowned for this.
Boris Stevanovic from Goodyear Dunlop has said, “With increasingly unpredictable European weather conditions and stricter tyre legislation, Goodyear is advising all commercial vehicle operators to ensure that they […]