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Some of our Favourite Vans

This month we are having a look at a couple of our favourite vans, old and new. In the line-up this month is the Mercedes Citan Compact and the Ford Fiesta Sport Van.
Mercedes Citan Compact
Last year Mercedes entered the small van market with their Citan Compact which is based on Renault’s Kangoo. The entry of this van into the market means that businesses that run and manage fleets are now able to purchase commercial vehicles that range from 1,700kgs to 44 tonnes in just one […]

Long Haul Journeys

For many, a long haul journey in a lorry will often be something that they are used to as that is the business they are working in. But what happens if it is a one off journey for you in terms of work? Well the best thing to do it make sure that you are properly informed of all the driving laws in all the countries that you will be driving in.

Friday Five: Tips to reduce van insurance

Van insurance is an annual costly necessity for van drivers and fleet owners. How can you alleviate these costs and save yourself some money? Here are five tips:
5. Van Security
One of the best ways to save on your premium is to have invested in security devices. Locks, immobilisers, alarms, secure markings, GPS tracking systems. All these will help reduce your premium, however you must make sure that they’re installed by professionals with a degree of accreditation, and that the devices themselves are recognized by insurance […]

New Congestion Charge Plans

New plans have been revealed to extend the Congestion Tax discounts so it includes light commercial vehicles. This at first glance is great news as the money saved on the congestion charge, can be used for paying the commercial vehicle insurance. However, the current level of emissions of 100g/km that is required to be included is now being reduced to 75g/km.

Low bridge claims trucks

In Durham, North Carolina, USA, a nasty railway bridge has been claiming trucks, coaches, vans.
Anything over 11’8 that speeds through is likely to be a victim.This video shows what happens when you don’t pay attention to road signs and you’re driving anything tall.. that said, your commercial vehicle insurance probably won’t cover such stupidity in a hurry. The Bridge is a century old this year and considering what’s been hitting it, you’re probably looking at just about the most robust bridge in the world!

Vivaro Wins the MPG Marathon

You’re probably all fed up of hearing about the doom and gloom situation of spiralling fuel costs as well as the stagnant or rising cost of van insurance. The MPG Marathon however is a 2 day event which tests cars, vans and other vehicles against each other in real life situations over hundreds of miles, seeing which one has the best fuel economy.
The Event
This years’ Marathon took place in the Cotswolds at the beginning of October and measured 378 miles. It works by having numerous […]

A third of van drivers are women

One third of white van men may actually be white van women. A survey recently conducted by AXA Business Insurance on van drivers found that one third of them were women using their vans for commercial activities.
The stereotype
Van drivers have commonly been held as the subject of the white van man stereotype. In British (tongue-in-cheek) popular culture, the white van man is considered rough round the edges, handy, often bald, two sugars in his tea and wielding an impressive hardware collection.. oh and he’s a […]

It’s a Snowy UK Today

So, it’s snowed yet again these past two days and there is more snow forecast next week too. Much of the UK will therefore be covered in snow, which will inevitably lead to icy and dangerous roads. The chance of many commercial vehicle drivers experiencing disruption or heavy traffic jams at such times is therefore quite high, and it will be very important to take care on the roads during such times.
Black Ice
For many van drivers, their vehicle is, in some respects, their office, so […]

Royal Wedding could mean van drivers end up down a blind alley

It appears that van drivers in the Central London area working as normal this coming Friday may well find their usual transport routes unavailable, as the Capital prepares to celebrate the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.
Unfamiliar territory
Insurance providers are urging couriers and hauliers to ensure they have alternative mapping systems available in their cabs, for they anticipate that on the day van insurance claims around Central London could soar, with drivers getting caught up in minor scrapes trying to negotiate streets they […]

Weather making earning a living hard going

Although earning a living driving commercial vehicles up and down the main arteries of the UK’s road system can be quite a humdrum business a lot of the time, at least very few van drivers in the UK will be able to say the run up to Christmas 2010 was boring.
After enduring floods in early November the ice, snow and generally Arctic weather conditions of the past two weeks will have left hardly a van driver in the country without a tale to tell. Digging […]