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Telematics for a Greener World

According to a survey by ALD Automotive nine out of ten drivers in the UK are happy to have a telematics device fitted to their vehicle in order to save fuel. This is especially true for those who have a fleet of commercial vehicles.
Fleets are under more and more pressure to cut emissions and with fuel prices on the increase, companies are looking for ways to cut the fuel bill. Most opt for replacing a fleet of vans with newer more economical ones, however there […]

Satnav Summit Being Held Today

If you’re reading this blog you probably have an interest in the world of motoring and commercial vehicles and today a “Satnav Summit” is taking place in order to come to a solution regarding the misery that thousands of satellite navigation users face each and every day when they’re directed off track by out of date, or just simply wrong, directions.
I myself am a regular satnav user and I sympathise with all those who have been misled over the years. My satnav regularly attempts to […]

Demand for Used Vans Boosted by New Emission Rules

It may seem strange but many van drivers in the UK, especially around London, are looking to get rid of their commercial vehicle and pick up an older, used one. The reason for this is that new emission rules on vans comes into place at the start of next year and vans built between 2002 and 2006 are the most compliant.
The new emission rule comes into force in the UK on 3rd January 2012, at which time van drivers who’s commercial vehicles don’t meet Euro […]

European van drivers welcome van speed limiters

It seems now just a matter of time before the debate on van speed limiters for vans takes place in the UK after yet another European country followed the lead of Germany. The motorists of Italy followed their German cousins by indicating in a survey that they would welcome speed governors on vans.
Vive La Difference?
It will also come as a gentle reminder to those with commercial vehicle insurance that covers them for travel in a foreign country that rules and regulations differ from border to […]