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Satnav Summit Being Held Today

If you’re reading this blog you probably have an interest in the world of motoring and commercial vehicles and today a “Satnav Summit” is taking place in order to come to a solution regarding the misery that thousands of satellite navigation users face each and every day when they’re directed off track by out of date, or just simply wrong, directions.
I myself am a regular satnav user and I sympathise with all those who have been misled over the years. My satnav regularly attempts to […]

Driver education for speeding drivers splits opinion

The verdict is still out on the decision of the Department of Transports to allow Police Forces across the UK new options when it comes to prosecuting speeding van drivers and other motorists.
Second chance option gains favour with the police
Transport minister Philip Hammond famously said that: “We’re going to crack down on the most reckless and dangerous drivers, we’re going to support those who are basically law-abiding but who perhaps have an occasional lapse.” When announcing the new measures open to the law enforcement agencies […]

European van drivers welcome van speed limiters

It seems now just a matter of time before the debate on van speed limiters for vans takes place in the UK after yet another European country followed the lead of Germany. The motorists of Italy followed their German cousins by indicating in a survey that they would welcome speed governors on vans.
Vive La Difference?
It will also come as a gentle reminder to those with commercial vehicle insurance that covers them for travel in a foreign country that rules and regulations differ from border to […]

Speed camera vans targeted again in the Republic

For the second time since their inception in November 2010, traffic speed vans have been the target of bombers in the Republic of Ireland.
With the country still trying to come to terms with the harsh reality of life under the financial strictures imposed by the International Monetary Fund, it seems some drivers can’t come to terms with road safety measures. The private company who operate the vans will now be urgently reviewing their commercial van insurance cover and wondering if they will be subjected to […]

Speed camera debate gets more confusing

The situation regarding traffic speed cameras appears to be getting more confusing by the day. Van drivers who reckoned their commercial vehicle insurance quote would no longer be put in jeopardy by road safety cameras may well have to think again.
Who benefits?
Over the last 12 months many Local Authorities have decided that Government cuts have put the running and maintenance of fixed speed cameras in particular, beyond their budgets. The main bone of contention all along has been that running costs have come from the […]

Privatised speed vans target the republic

As the focus of the world turns on Ireland and its financial problems, van drivers from the UK, doing their daily runs to the Emerald Isle will be focussing on something entirely different.
probably directly linked to the financial straitjacket Ireland finds itself in, is the decision to release private speed vans on to the roads of the republic. As from yesterday for the first time in its history the Irish police force (The Garda) have relinquished control of speed enforcement cameras and passed them over […]

Mobile Speed Cameras out to lick rogue drivers

Many van drivers have found their commercial vehicle insurance payments go up because of minor traffic offences recorded by fixed speed cameras. However, the collective sigh of relief from van drivers across the country at the demise of fixed position speed cameras may have been a little premature.
There is no doubt that drivers who earn a living traversing the roads of the UK were, in the main, delighted with the news that many local authorities were planning to turn off a great number of the […]