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Van Driving and Advice

Driving a van can be a relatively easy and stress-free experience if you’re an experienced car driver. However while many of the skills learnt on the road over the years can be simply translated to a bigger vehicle, driving a van is still a very different experience.

Long Haul Journeys

For many, a long haul journey in a lorry will often be something that they are used to as that is the business they are working in. But what happens if it is a one off journey for you in terms of work? Well the best thing to do it make sure that you are properly informed of all the driving laws in all the countries that you will be driving in.

Van Safety

Van thefts or thefts from vans have been on the increase, as a result of this Burnt Tree vehicle rental are launching a campaign which will encourage drivers to make sure they are taking the safety of their vehicles and contents more seriously. This should help reduce the amount of thefts from light commercial vehicles, improving van safety.

Top Multi-Purpose Vehicles for 2013

Chevrolet Multi Purpose VehicleCommonly known as minivans in the US, multi-purpose vehicles (MPVs) have grown increasingly popular worldwide in recent years, no longer regarded as just dull people carriers.
With a growing market for big families needing larger vehicles and some tradesman looking to run one multi-purpose vehicle as opposed to owning both a car and van, auto manufacturers are investing big in the industry and are now specifically targeting a younger generation of buyers, offering more […]

Struggles for Tradesmen in Abu Dhabi

For most of us, going to work in bad weather rarely means we have to completely start the daily tasks over again. For window cleaners in Abu Dhabi however, rainfall means just that. Here if we are affected we can just pack everything up in the van, that is of course covered by commercial vehicle insurance, and we wait for the rain to pass. For the window cleaners in Abu Dhabi though, those who hang from […]

Tracking devices cut the number of accidents in Thailand

Passenger Van ThailandAnyone who has traveled extensively in Thailand will be well aware of the perils encountered on the roads.
Whilst safety standards in most of the Western world are high, the same can’t be said in The Land of Smiles where a combination of badly maintained roads, unroadworthy vehicles and shoddy standards of driving has resulted in serious traffic accidents occurring daily.

Nissan set to take US commercial van market by storm

Nissan have been making real waves in the US commercial vehicle market in recent times, after the successful launch of both a full-sized commercial van and the establishment of a commercial-focused dealer network.

Driving In Snow & Ice

Later this week, the UK is expecting another bout of cold weather. Just as we thought Spring was upon us, with some parts of the UK reaching the giddy heights of 14°C, the weather forecast has taken a turn for the worst. As such, the following guide (released by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)) may be helpful for those drivers who didn’t fare quite as well several weeks ago.

British Winters: The Farce

In Britain we are cursed with one of the most unpredictable (some say, the most unpredictable) weather systems in the world. This is because we are susceptible to a myriad of factors including maritime/continental air masses, the Gulf Stream, the Jet Stream; to the extent that the British Isles have been known to see the weather of all four seasons in one day.

Run-flat tyre market increasing

Run-flat tyres are, for most people, the product of action films where ‘cops’ fail to stop an escaping vehicle despite ‘shooting out’ their tyres.