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Approval requirements removed for basic van mods

The SMMT (the Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders) has declared that it has managed to negotiate a Van Enhancement Scheme which will remove the need for UK manufacturers and van bodybuilders to need to seek Type Approval on vehicle modifications.

Increase in Catalytic Converter Thefts

Last month it was announced that there was a large rise in the amount of catalytic converter thefts. The converters that were targeted were primarily from commercial vans and 4x4s.
Organised Crime
It was reported that, between January 1st and the end of May there were 249 thefts, compared to 47 in the same five months last year. These catalytic converter attacks have been located around Leicestershire and a large number of those with commercial van insurance have been falling victim to the thefts.
The police believe that […]

Fiat Commercial Vehicles

The boss of Fiat Professional UK, Sebastiano Fedrigo has said he will improve the professionalism of its retail network.
Important factors for this are 35 Iveco and Daf truck dealerships that the brand has taken over which will all offer either 24 hour servicing or extended opening hours. Fedrigo said: “They understand that a van off the road is a cost to the business.”
By taking on truck dealers, Fiat Professional can now offer an advantage over most of its competitors. Fedrigo went on to add: “Truck […]

Restoration Challenge for Canadian Van Fanatic

Charlie Grahn is a Canadian van fanatic who has taken on the challenge of restoring his classic 1950 Morris J-type van. The van had been stationary in the previous owner’s backyard for over 30 years. By the time Charlie purchased it in 2008, pieces of the vehicle were literally falling off it. Once he begins to restore the van to its former glory, it will be important for him to protect his investment with a good van insurance quote.
The Morris J-Type
Surely no one would be […]

Online purchases save time and money

At a time when cutting costs is an exercise that every van driver who uses his vehicle to earn a living must consider, the opportunity to purchase products online can prove to be a saving in more ways than one.
Whether it is purchasing commercial vehicle insurance, engine parts, tyres or communication aids such as satellite navigation systems there is a website out there looking to save you time and money.
Convenience is the name of the game
In the case of van insurance, one visit to a […]

Black hole in pothole budget

The latest report on the state of the UK’s roads by a leading motoring organisation appears to offer little hope for Britain’s long suffering van drivers and road users ongoing battle with the humble pothole. According to the report by the Royal Automobile Club (RAC), many thousands of motorists will find their commercial vehicle insurance inflated because they have had to make a claim due to damage caused by the state of the highway.
Poor roads causing van insurance hikes
Call out patrols have witnessed a 25% […]

Drivers tyred of pothole damage

Van drivers can be perhaps forgiven a little today if their attention is turned to their vehicles tyres. Of course many van drivers spend long hours on the roads of the UK every day, many listen to the radio and for the last 24 hours van tyres have cropped up more than once in conversations on the airwaves.
Hot air
The hot topic over the last couple of days on quite a few media outlets has been the subject of potholes (because you can imagine potholes trending!) […]

Do some homework before buying a van

All firms, no matter what size they are will say that getting a driver as well as an assortment of packages, tools, equipment, machinery or a product from departure point to delivery point without causing damage is essential. It is a must for most businesses to prosper, so they need to choose very carefully when buying a commercial van which they will have to protect with commercial vehicle insurance.
Before they even start looking for a van, they will need to decide if it is going […]

Shetland bids farewell to its fish van due to rising costs

The coupled effect of sky high fuel prices and the soaring costs of fresh fish has conspired to bring about the end of a daily part of life in one of the UK’s island chains.
Next Friday will see the end of the Shetland Isles fish van, a much appreciated service that delivered fish to some of the more far flung areas of the islands. The service run by fish merchants, Hunters of Scalloway, will come to a close on the 17th and the vans sold […]

Beware the faulty alternator

It is a cold dark morning, with snow starting to fall. Jumping into the van on the way to work, you start the engine which does so grudgingly after failing to catch the first few times. The heater finally starts to remove the freezing conditions in the van and the radio starts to cut out, soon after the lights on the dashboard start to dim. After a few minutes the heater and the radio cut out completely. As the cold returns to the vehicle the […]