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Renault Kangoo Z.E Hits Europe

By now, everyone has heard about the Renault Kangoo Z.E and if not, you have missed out on quite a few of our blogs! Now it is finally being launched in Europe.
If you have missed our blogs, here is an update. The Z.E is energy efficient but looks the same as the diesel version. Now for most commercial vehicle fleet managers, eco-friendly vehicles are not necessarily top of the list when it comes to buying new vans. However, here are a few reasons why we […]

Hybrid Vans 20% more economical

With many car manufacturers having expanded their line of hybrid cars over recent years, we are now seeing the commercial vehicle market being the subject of extensive hybrid technology developments. A recent study by the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory showed that such hybrid vans were significantly more economical.
Saving 1/5th
The study’s chief engineer Michael Lammert stated that “During the on-road portion of our study, the hybrid vans demonstrated a 13 to 20% higher fuel economy than the conventional vans,” It was important […]

Peugeot and Citroen vans go Electric

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with businesses operating fleets, the money saved from the massively reduced fuel prices able to go towards other costs such as commercial vehicle insurance.
Now French car manufacturers Peugeot and Citroen are both due to showcase electric models of their small vans at the Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show in September.
Aimed predominantly at businesses to more effectively manage their low-emissions, the Peugeot Partner Electric and Citroen Electric Berlingo are based on their standard model counterparts, but with an electric drivetrain fitted […]

Petrol or Diesel

There are many things to consider when deciding which vans will best suit your business needs and give you the most for your money. After all you don’t want to be spending extra money on your fleet as it is already expensive with rising fuel costs and commercial vehicle insurance. This is why here at VanQuoteDirect we have decided to help you decide between a petrol or diesel fleet.
Diesel in the Long Run
Since the 1980’s when the first diesel engines emerged it was the obvious […]

Telematics for a Greener World

According to a survey by ALD Automotive nine out of ten drivers in the UK are happy to have a telematics device fitted to their vehicle in order to save fuel. This is especially true for those who have a fleet of commercial vehicles.
Fleets are under more and more pressure to cut emissions and with fuel prices on the increase, companies are looking for ways to cut the fuel bill. Most opt for replacing a fleet of vans with newer more economical ones, however there […]

The Friday Five – EcoVans

With fuel prices on the rise again and fuel efficient vehicles becoming more and more popular, this week’s Friday Five is about eco-friendly vans. Many companies are using them now because with electric vans there are, obviously, far reduced fuel prices. The money saved then helps go towards ongoing costs, such as commercial vehicle insurance. So, take a look through our top five eco-friendly vans and tell us what you think about these fantastic, environmentally friendly vehicles.
5. Peugeot eBoxer
The eboxer starts us off at number […]

Hybrid Vans

It has been reported that a low emission hybrid van, that is to be sold directly to fleets, designed to cut fuel bills dramatically, could be just around the corner…
…well it’s a two year wait, but it’s a real possibility!
Business Plan
The van is part of the business plan from Intelligent Energy and Revolve Technologies. These are two UK-based companies that have led a consortium of development partners. They also have financial backing from the Technology Strategy Board, a UK Government agency.
Two prototypes have already been […]

LPG Vehicles No Longer Ready Made

A Scottish police force has decided to scrap its fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles after manufacturers no longer provided them as readymade.
Lothian and Borders Police explained that it would become far too expensive for the force to convert its own vehicles to liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) when companies ceased to provide them as factory fitted.
The force’s LPG fleet, at its peak, consisted of 45 to 50 Ford and Vauxhall LPG vehicles.
LPG, which is also known as Autogas, can be used as an alternative to petrol […]

Emission Tests

The Isle of Man has played host to some low emission tests this week as two Ford Transit vans that have been converted to run on hydrogen gas have been putting in the miles on behalf of the Department of Infrastructure in order to investigate greener fuel technology.
Industry Growth
The tests are also acting as a way to bolster the alternative fuels sector on the Isle of Man. Ken Milne, Senior Manager for energy policy at the Department of Economic Development, has been explaining: “It’s a […]

Diesel Engine to be Part of Ford Transit Vans in 2013

Ford has decided to include a diesel engine to their Transit cargo and passenger van, which is due to be released in 2013. This option will be an alternative to their standard 3.5 litre EcoBoost V6 gasoline engine. The motivation for their latest venture is feedback from their customers. Ford’s truck communications manager, Mike Levine, said “Some customers prefer diesel, though we think the EcoBoost will offer diesel-like performance in terms of fuel economy and power. Yet diesel is going to remain an important powertrain […]