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Plans to ban all sales of new petrol and diesel vans by 2040 in the UK

Find out why this action is going into place and how it will impact you
As a country we have been burning through resources quicker than we can replace them and the mass consumption of fuel is starting to catch up to us. A huge change is required in the way that we run our vehicles on a day to day basis but will we be ready by 2040?
It wasn’t too long ago when a hybrid car was only for the environmentally conscious and nowhere near the […]

Tokyo Motor Show offers glimpse into the future

The Tokyo Motor Show opened this week, offering up not just an array of the world’s wackiest cars but also an interesting insight into where the automobile and van industries could be heading in the near future.
A common theme for the show has been an emphasis on vehicles of a smaller size, with the majority of the 14 Japanese and 18 overseas manufacturers exhibiting, showcasing tiny electric vehicles in which passengers ride in tandem.

Purchasing a Minibus

Minibuses can be very useful vehicles to own when you’re looking to transport large groups of people on a regular basis.
Obviously a necessity for many schools and popular with sports teams, clubs and associations, if you’re looking to purchase a minibus, there are certain things that need to be considered, as with the purchase of any vehicle – often referred to as a Transport Audit.

Fuel Price Report not Received well Amongst Transportation Bodies

After much talk last year about the proposed fuel price increases and the majority of people battling against the economic climate that we are faced with it was important to know what we were unnecessarily spending our money on.

The Emerald T-001

We all know that efficiency is fast becoming the main selling point for vans, as fuel prices escalate. As such, the last ten years have seen hybrid variants; ones using biofuels; solely electric vans; LPG ones and so on entering the market. Little of these have had much success, whilst others have never really taken off at all. The demand for electric vehicles is still low, for instance, due to their limited range.

Lets revise the Carbon Dioxide – Emission Tax

After being criticized for the attempt to introduce a company car tax, the Government may push to boost incentives for ultra-low emission vehicles.

Friday Five: Least Efficient Vans

This week, given the current petrol-saving climate that we are in, we are looking at some of the very worst performing vans in terms of fuel efficiency. Whilst a lot of inefficient vehicles are high-end sports cars with the Veyron doing a paltry 10mpg (highway and urban combined), invariably most of these gas guzzlers are huge and American. Big doesn’t need to mean inefficient however, as the Nissan Urvan which is of a comparable size to the US mega vans does 43mpg. The vast majority […]

The Friday Five – Top 5 Most Efficient Small Vans

If you want a fuel efficient small van, these are your best bets.
1. Ford Fiesta Van Econetic 1.6 TDCi – 85.6 mpg – £12,340
First up, we’ve got the new Ford Fiesta-derived van which clocks up an astounding 85.6 mpg. It is made in a wind-powered factory in Dagenham and is the greenest van around. It’s got a cubic metre of space and half a tonne load capacity. It’s specially designed to be aerodynamic as well as having a low roll friction. It is however pricey […]

Vivaro Wins the MPG Marathon

You’re probably all fed up of hearing about the doom and gloom situation of spiralling fuel costs as well as the stagnant or rising cost of van insurance. The MPG Marathon however is a 2 day event which tests cars, vans and other vehicles against each other in real life situations over hundreds of miles, seeing which one has the best fuel economy.
The Event
This years’ Marathon took place in the Cotswolds at the beginning of October and measured 378 miles. It works by having numerous […]

Fleet fuel prices – feeling the pinch

There has been a continual rise in fuel costs despite the actual price per barrel decreasing. Many are furious that petrol stations have not lowered their prices but instead keep prices either stagnant or raised. This is bad enough for those hard working families who are already strapped for cash, but for fleet owners the pressure is getting too much to bare. What with the worry of exhaust theft, increases in van insurance premiums, tougher parking laws and the possibility of a pay-as-you-go road tax, […]