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Extending the use of Telematics in your Fleet

Many fleets use telematics and the benefits are quite clear. When asked, fleet managers cited that telematics had the benefit of increasing vehicle use, routes, driver timesheet management, fuel monitoring, maintenance scheduling and so on. In short, telematics can prove a huge advantage when considering the promotion of efficiency in fleet management.

No more tax discs?

I apologize if you were perched on the edge of your seat clicking with anticipation just then. No, this doesn’t mean that vehicle tax will be removed in any form, just that the DVLA is planning on removing the paper tax discs and making the whole business digital (which it already is to a large extent).

New Congestion Charge Plans

New plans have been revealed to extend the Congestion Tax discounts so it includes light commercial vehicles. This at first glance is great news as the money saved on the congestion charge, can be used for paying the commercial vehicle insurance. However, the current level of emissions of 100g/km that is required to be included is now being reduced to 75g/km.

End of the VOSA monopoly?

Any fleet operator knows that there are four dreaded annual operating costs that cannot be avoided: Fuel, road tax, commercial vehicle insurance and vehicle MOT testing which is either carried out at a dedicated VOSA station or a private Authorisied Testing Station. Over the years, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) has been increasing the number of commercial vehicle testing stations around the United Kingdom to the extent that they are now in danger of […]

Vans attacked in Surrey

Police in the South East of England are appealing for witnesses after two delivery van drivers working for a national supermarket chain were attacked in their cabs.
The attacks took place within 7 days of each other and were just a couple of miles apart in the areas of Redhill and Reigate in Surrey. Both vans suffered damage in the attacks and their commercial vehicle insurance will come into play but it is the danger that the […]

The Friday Five – Van Security

Nowadays protecting what is yours is essential to keeping costs down, which at the moment is a key factor in most people’s lives. We have come up with the best safety devices you can use to protect your van from damage and theft.
1. Van Insurance

First on the list has to be van insurance. No matter how safe you keep your vehicle there is always the possibility that someone will get into your vehicle or some […]

Increase in Catalytic Converter Thefts

Last month it was announced that there was a large rise in the amount of catalytic converter thefts. The converters that were targeted were primarily from commercial vans and 4x4s.
Organised Crime
It was reported that, between January 1st and the end of May there were 249 thefts, compared to 47 in the same five months last year. These catalytic converter attacks have been located around Leicestershire and a large number of those with commercial van insurance […]

Law Breach?

It has been reported that a commercial van and truck dealer located in Blackburn has allegedly breached competition laws with other dealers. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has alleged that Mercedes-Benz and five dealers, including Ciceley, in Blackburn, have infringed the laws regarding healthy competition.
These laws are put in place to encourage healthy and fair competition between businesses and a breach of such laws can be incredibly damaging.
Additional Dealers
The additional dealers have been named […]

Ice Cream Fracas in Blackburn

There has been a video uploaded to YouTube of two ice-cream vans in a dispute over who should serve a particular street with ice-cream.
What Happened?
The footage has had more than 400,000 views and shows Mr Yummy, who is run by Zeheer Ramzan and Mr Whippy, who is run by Mohammed Mulla in a fracas on Palatine Road in Blackburn.
The incident happened on the 2nd of June and Mr Ramzan is apparently seen to be breaking the […]

Van Drivers Suffer Exhaust Thefts

It would appear that the new craze for scrap metal thieves is stealing exhausts from vans. If it isn’t internet lines and catalytic converters, then it’s van exhausts. So, this blog post today is to act as a warning to all van drivers out there! Please be aware of the thefts that have taken place, and look to keep your van protected.
Protecting Your Van
Now whilst a comprehensive van insurance quote may indeed cover you, provided […]