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What to do if an Emergency Vehicle is Approaching

However long you may have been driving if an emergency vehicle is approaching it can still panic you with its blue flashing lights and loud sirens. The first thing you should think is how to move out the way as safely and conveniently as possible however many drivers don’t know exactly what they should do and what is legal and what isn’t.
The Highway Code states that you should look out and listen for emergency vehicles and if one approaches you should not panic. Take appropriate […]

Save Those Pounds

Whilst searching the internet today we came across this infographic that has been produced by VW. It details how it is possible to reduce fuel costs for your van or fleet and is, therefore, highly relevant at the moment. We think it gives all van drivers some great advice about how they can reduce their fuel costs. With the cost of living seemingly on the rise all the time and the cost of motoring being reasonably high as it is, when considering commercial vehicle insurance, […]

The Evolution of the Van

Ever wondered where it all began? What that first ever van looked like? Well, so did we, and that’s why, here at Van Quote Direct, we’ve created this fantastic infographic to show where it all started and the evolution of the van through the decades and centuries.
Back in the 1800s, before the first combustion engines were built, the first four wheeled vehicle that allowed the carriage of people and goods was, of course, the horse and cart. Without the horse and cart, the van along […]