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Bedford classic steals the show

Although vans are not usually the focus of attention at “show and shine” events, one old British van got plenty of attention when it showed up at a classic event in Canada, The Bedford Classic.
Vans rub shoulders with classic cars
The Saskatoon classic car event is usually seen as the preserve of famous old American cars such as Corvettes, Mustangs and Impalas but this year one or two more unusual vehicles that would have been covered by commercial van insurance at some time in their lives […]

A trip down memory lane – Ice Cream Van

Van Drivers young and old will have an affinity with one type of van and the history that goes with it. Surprisingly enough there is no particular manufacturer associated with the vehicle. It was a van that was nearly always heard before it was seen and one that in my case anyway often had me turning to my grandparents rather than mum and dad.
These tunes should ring a bell so to speak, with more than one generation; Popeye the Sailor man, Greensleeves, Do ye ken […]