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Ancient Egyptians Equivalent to Today’s Burger Van

It turns out that the Ancient Egyptians had ancient burger vans just like us, although we are pretty certain they didn’t have to cover their vehicles with some sort of commercial vehicle insurance!

End of the VOSA monopoly?

Any fleet operator knows that there are four dreaded annual operating costs that cannot be avoided: Fuel, road tax, commercial vehicle insurance and vehicle MOT testing which is either carried out at a dedicated VOSA station or a private Authorisied Testing Station. Over the years, the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) has been increasing the number of commercial vehicle testing stations around the United Kingdom to the extent that they are now in danger of having a monopoly over MOT testing.
RHA’s Complaint
The Road Haulage […]

Cranleigh Vehicle Show

This Sunday, the 19th August, the 11th Classic Car Show and Autojumble will take place. It has been organised by Cranleigh Lions and will be held at The Cranleigh Showground from 9am till 4:30pm.
The Show
There will be a range of vehicles, 1,700 are expected, and they are dating from 1907. The vehicles that can be expected there are motorcycles, scooters, heavy military service vehicles and commercial vehicles.
Commercial Vehicles
It is great news to hear that commercial vehicles will form part of the event as many people […]

The Friday Five – Classic Vans

This week’s Friday Five picks up where last week’s left off as we’re talking all things Classic! Throughout the years the commercial vehicle has evolved and adapted to new ways of doing things, just take a look at our infographic in order to see the progression of the van. So, as we live in a modern, high-tech era, we thought it only necessary to pay homage to some of the commercial vehicles of a time gone by that have helped shape the industry today and […]

Stereotypical Reputation Scrapped – The White Van Man

Research that has been carried out has revealed that the outdated White Van Man stereotype has been scrapped. The research found that the majority of van drivers themselves reject the stereotype altogether with 70% having stated that they have never shouted at or had any form of altercation with another road user.
They also claimed that they are very careful, cautious drivers with nearly three quarters saying that they take pride in the appearance of their van. 74% of the van drivers surveyed boasted that they […]

Ice Cream Vans Could be a Thing of the Past

When looking back at our childhoods, we all remember the sound of the ice cream van coming down the street. For the youngest generation however, this could be a thing of the past.
Winstones, a popular ice cream business, has said that the number of regulations that are now in place are stopping the ice cream vans making a profit.
Historic Business
Winstones was founded in 1925 by Albert Winstone. He sold the ice cream originally from his motorbike and side car. By the 1980’s they had 28 […]

The Friday Five – Famous Van Drivers

This week’s Friday Five looks at the top five famous van drivers that later shot to fame. Did you know that Elvis used to need commercial vehicle insurance? Neither did we, until now! Have a look at our Friday Five below; we hope you find it as entertaining as we did.

Sean Connery – Milkman

Somehow it just doesn’t have the same effect as a Martini. Before taking on his breakthrough role as James Bond, Connery’s first job was as a milkman in Edinburgh.
“I’ll have a milk, shaken […]

The Evolution of the Van

Ever wondered where it all began? What that first ever van looked like? Well, so did we, and that’s why, here at Van Quote Direct, we’ve created this fantastic infographic to show where it all started and the evolution of the van through the decades and centuries.
Back in the 1800s, before the first combustion engines were built, the first four wheeled vehicle that allowed the carriage of people and goods was, of course, the horse and cart. Without the horse and cart, the van along […]

VW Offer Restoration Service for Volkswagen Classic Vans

Volkswagen created a department, “Commercial Vehicles Oldtimer”, which is dedicated to the preservation of its heritage. With a team of experts, they use this department to purchase and restore around 100 Volkswagen classic vans and vehicles for their own personal collection.
Vehicle restoration is becoming increasingly popular, particularly throughout Europe. Enthusiastic owners have the opportunity to really understand their vintage automobiles and perhaps realise a young dream to drive their ‘cool’ car/van. Whether it is on your own or through hired mechanics, restoration can be extremely […]

Restoration Challenge for Canadian Van Fanatic

Charlie Grahn is a Canadian van fanatic who has taken on the challenge of restoring his classic 1950 Morris J-type van. The van had been stationary in the previous owner’s backyard for over 30 years. By the time Charlie purchased it in 2008, pieces of the vehicle were literally falling off it. Once he begins to restore the van to its former glory, it will be important for him to protect his investment with a good van insurance quote.
The Morris J-Type
Surely no one would be […]