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Keeping your van and its contents safe

For many people vans are not just a means of transport but vehicles that are essential to their business and livelihood. However, with vans often carrying expensive tools and parts, it also makes them very appealing targets for thieves.

Van Driving and Advice

Driving a van can be a relatively easy and stress-free experience if you’re an experienced car driver. However while many of the skills learnt on the road over the years can be simply translated to a bigger vehicle, driving a van is still a very different experience.

Long Haul Journeys

For many, a long haul journey in a lorry will often be something that they are used to as that is the business they are working in. But what happens if it is a one off journey for you in terms of work? Well the best thing to do it make sure that you are properly informed of all the driving laws in all the countries that you will be driving in.

Van Safety

Van thefts or thefts from vans have been on the increase, as a result of this Burnt Tree vehicle rental are launching a campaign which will encourage drivers to make sure they are taking the safety of their vehicles and contents more seriously. This should help reduce the amount of thefts from light commercial vehicles, improving van safety.

Purchasing a Minibus

Minibuses can be very useful vehicles to own when you’re looking to transport large groups of people on a regular basis.
Obviously a necessity for many schools and popular with sports teams, clubs and associations, if you’re looking to purchase a minibus, there are certain things that need to be considered, as with the purchase of any vehicle – often referred to as a Transport Audit.

Ancient Egyptians Equivalent to Today’s Burger Van

It turns out that the Ancient Egyptians had ancient burger vans just like us, although we are pretty certain they didn’t have to cover their vehicles with some sort of commercial vehicle insurance!

Guide to buying a used van

As a business, your van will be one of the most crucial pieces of equipment you will buy. Whilst large companies may seek to purchase brand new models for their fleet, sole tradesman will often look to the used market for best value for money and having a reliable, efficient vehicle to transport you and your tools around is paramount to earning a good living.

The Value of Van Signage

Businesses are always looking for better, more cost-effective ways to market themselves but often miss one of the simplest and best forms of advertising one can buy – graphics for your company vehicle.
Choosing signage for your van isn’t simply a case of adding any old logo though. If done well, van signage can truly transform your business.

Used Van Prices Increase – As Does Age and Mileage

Recently we have been reporting on all the new vans that are set to hit the commercial vehicle industry but for many, a new van is simply out the question. If you are self employed tradesman it is more likely that you are purchasing second hand vehicles.