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Economics of new breed of vehicles questioned

At the very moment that electric vehicles begin to make their presence felt on the byways and highways of the UK, concerns about the economics and its viability are coming to the fore.
Uptake on new vehicles slow
The launch of the Nissan Leaf car at the turn of the year was supposed to herald in a new era of low emission and low cost motoring. The £5,000 government subsidy and the plan to spread the network of power points for recharging electric vehicles across the UK […]

Drivers should prepare now for London Low Emission Zone changes

With just six months to go before the London Low Emission Zone (LEZ) impacts on around 150,000 van and lorry drivers, Kulvee Ranger, Boris Johnson’s Director of the Environment, is the latest high profile leader to remind drivers of vans with commercial vehicle insurance of the penalties they will incur for non compliance with the LEZ.
Whole host of vehicles included for 2012
The charges for being caught out by the new rules do not bear thinking about […]

Green transport plan looking for White Van Man

The massive part van driver’s play in the movement of goods across the country has been recognised by the architects behind a new transport initiative that hopes to help drivers adopt a greener attitude to their working day.
New scheme on emissions
Transport companies across the UK are being urged to sign up to the new Green Transport Network, a partnership between an online shipping auction site and the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership. Hauliers and couriers who have previously been preoccupied by obtaining business and cutting down […]

Vauxhall enter the fray

The fight for supremacy in the van market continues apace as one manufacturer after the other release statements assuring the industry that they are putting their best foot forward in offering commercial enterprises a green solution to their motoring. Not to mention the fact that they hope their latest offering will have van fleet insurance providers knocking at the showroom doors.
Cheap van insurance or lower emissions?
It is now accepted by the industry as a whole that the first question one should ask when buying a […]

SNP keen on green?

The headlong rush by Governments and Political parties to display as many “green credentials” as possible in their transportation plans has caused one or two embarrassing moments over the last few years. It looks as though the next manifestation of this phenomenon may well be unfolding in Scotland, as one local council looks to get a commercial vehicle insurance quote for vans running on cooking oil!
In its latest manifesto the ruling political party in Scotland, the Scottish National Party (SNP) declared that over the next […]

Fuel prices soar once more

With the New Year less than a week old van drivers across the UK are already facing a new crisis.
In December it was mainly delivery drivers and hauliers who suffered as the snow blocked them in and caused more than a few to spend uncomfortable nights parked up on a freezing A road. If that was not bad enough worse was to follow as the freezing temperatures and a mixture of snow and ice on the roads meant that many drivers who relied on their […]

Carbon emissions target relaxed as commissioners give industry more time

The long awaited meeting of European commissioners debating the vexed problem of automotive emissions took place yesterday, with an outcome that will cause controversy in the industry.
As a result of the meeting, van drivers will be getting commercial vehicle insurance quotes on vans that must produce lower emissions from 2017 onwards. The good news for the van fleet industry is that the emission targets will be considerably less than was first proposed and also come in a little later.
As is usual in EU politics it […]

Electric van trial could have huge implications

It appears that the trickle of van drivers earning their living from driving an electric van will soon become a flood.
How quickly the new generation of vehicles seems to be taking hold in the western world. It seems just like yesterday that the new technologies in the motoring industry were sending out weird and wonderful experimental vehicles that would one day replace petrol/diesel powered vans. All of a sudden they seem to be here.
The gap between experimental trial and full production appears to have fused […]