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Diesel Particulate Filters and Vans

As you may have read in the news today, van drivers may soon find themselves having to fork out rather large expenses as a result of diesel particulate filters becoming clogged up during rather short distance journeys. Diesel particulate filters will need to be fitted to vans in order to comply with Euro 5 emissions regulations that are being implemented.
So, what is a diesel particulate filter?
A diesel particulate filter acts as a reducing agent within the exhaust system of a diesel vehicle. Most diesels will […]

Electric Kangoo

Recently we have blogged a lot about commercial vans that run on alternative fuels and today, in keeping with the current theme, we are again thinking about those vans that are running on different fuels.
Renault Revolution
Last week we explained how electric vans were undergoing trials in Germany and that they were performing very well indeed. However, my concern was whether they would suit the everyday van drivers schedule as they have a limited range.
Well, it seems that Renault have been hard at work in pushing […]

Hydrogen Fuels Could be a Success for the UK

Hydrogen powered vehicles are now looking increasingly likely, especially in the commercial vehicle sector. Hydrogen commercial vehicles would slash pollution and emissions by an incredible amount and I personally think this could be by far and away the best alternative fuel yet!
Hydrogen Project
The government has launched a new project which is intended to assess the potential of hydrogen as a fuel source, and if the project emerges to be a success then a finished hydrogen fuel product could be rolled out for 2014 onwards, and […]

Plug In Van Grant Available

There is a new Plug In Van Grant that has been made available in order to accompany the existing car grant as part of the government’s efforts to encourage “cleaner” methods of transport. The new grant will hopefully reduce the cost of eligible vans by around 20% on models of up to £8,000, and so this is sure to be a popular decision by the government.
Attempt to Reduce Emissions
Earlier this week we were wondering whether electric vans would really work in this country, and of […]

Electric Vans

Electric van trials are being carried out in Germany in order to test whether an electric van can deal with the strain that can be put on vans each and every day. Daimler, the parent firm of Mercedes-Benz has been testing a hundred electric versions of the Vito commercial vehicle. The vans have now covered over 400,000 miles as part of a four year trial that began in the autumn of 2010. The results, thus far, look very positive indeed.
What do you think about electric […]

Electric Ford Transit Connect

On Monday we blogged about the news that the much loved, and incredibly successful, Ford Transit van was going to be built in the US as of 2013 onwards, and now, today, we bring you the news that the green Transit is to be updated for 2012. Yes that’s right, the new all electric Ford Transit is on the horizon.
The Transit Connect is primarily aimed at fleet owners who want to save on fuel and maintenance costs, and Torque News has been discussing the van […]

Demand for Used Vans Boosted by New Emission Rules

It may seem strange but many van drivers in the UK, especially around London, are looking to get rid of their commercial vehicle and pick up an older, used one. The reason for this is that new emission rules on vans comes into place at the start of next year and vans built between 2002 and 2006 are the most compliant.
The new emission rule comes into force in the UK on 3rd January 2012, at which time van drivers who’s commercial vehicles don’t meet Euro […]

Mobile app will charge a vehicle on demand

With the take up of electric vehicles still only a trickle, a world famous technology firm are preparing for the future and have developed a mobile app that will enable drivers to charge their electric vans from anywhere in the world .
Companies looking ahead
It is no surprise that the majority of electric vehicles being purchased in the UK today are covered by commercial van insurance. The limited mileage and lengthy charge periods of the first wave of electric vehicles is definitely more suited to commercial […]

Truckers gain no advantage in petrol war

As the ordinary motorist at long last gets a little respite in the cost of fuel, drivers of vehicles typically covered by commercial vehicle insurance still have to fork out top prices.
Supermarkets cut price battle
The discrepancy in fuel prices has come about via the UK’s large network of supermarket fuel stations. Companies such as Tesco, Morrison’s, Asda and Sainsbury’s have recently got themselves in a petrol war and as a result prices have dropped by about 12p a litre. It is still outrageously high but […]

Eco rally attracts the stars

With the focus of commercial transport ever more polarising on sustainable energy, the fifth running of the Bridgestone Eco rally last weekend gave green vehicles designed for buyers with an interest in commercial van insurance the perfect opportunity to advertise their suitability for today’s market.
Clutch of celebrities
The rally that started off in Oxford and finished in Pall Mall was run in conjunction with START and featured all manner of vehicles whose prime function is to deliver low or zero emission motoring. The vehicles included cars, […]