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The Friday Five – Top Food Vans

This week, for our new Friday Five feature, we’ve been thinking about the five top food vans! What’s the tastiest thing you’ve ever eaten from a van?
1. Ice Cream

Being a childhood classic, at some point we’ve all heard the melody and gone running out of our house with a £1 coin. (Because back in the day that was all you needed!) Or during lazy days in the summer at the park, at the end of […]

The Friday Five – Onscreen Vans

Welcome to the VanQuoteDirect Friday Five. This is the first in our exciting new Friday feature! Below you’ll find our favourite five onscreen vans, none of which will do well with a van insurance quote, that have made the cut. All have been carefully selected and listed in order of what we like the most. Have a browse and let us know whether you’d change the order or whether you’d include any vans we haven’t!
1. A-Team Van

Introducing the Friday Five

This week marks the beginning of a new feature to our blog and Twitter account. It’s our Friday Five where every week we invite you to help us create a top five list, on topics all to do with vans.
At VQD, there’s something we love even more than van insurance and that’s vans themselves and anything remotely related to vans for that matter, and we know you’ve got some very interesting opinions that can be […]