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Nemo van wins the Future Car Challenge

If any more evidence was needed that alternative power sources for motor vehicles is the way forward for the motor industry, surely the Brighton to London Future Car challenge last weekend provided it.
With over 60 entrants for the race that included electric vehicles, hydrogen cell powered vehicles and hybrids the challenge was to cover the 60 miles to the Capital using the least amount of fuel/energy possible.
Because of the number of entrants and the complicated formula needed to work out the winner, although the race […]

Driverless vans close in their target

Four bright orange vans that captured the world’s imagination in early summer are now half way through their epic journey.
The four vans set off from Parma, in Italy, to a fanfare farewell from environmentally friendly organisations from all over the globe on July 26th with the intention of arriving in Shanghai in time for the World Expo 2010.
What was so special about the vans? Well apart from being bright orange, they are completely powered by natural fuel. Solar panels on the vehicles produce the electricity […]

The Popemobile ready to roll

A couple of UK van drivers will be blessed with a very precious and rather unusual cargo in the coming weeks.
The visit of Pope Benedict XVI to the United Kingdom over the next few days has caused great excitement amongst the Roman Catholic population of Great Britain, and to ensure everyone gets the best possible view of the religious leader, two bullet proof vans have been shipped over from the Vatican.

VW Camper van festival big success

Lovers of VW camper van and for that matter most other things VW, had their annual get together this weekend in Norfolk.
Fritton Park, East Anglia was the venue for the VW Whitenoise Weekend three day festival, which attracts fans of the VW camper van from all over the world. This weekend drew more than 3000 van owners and their families and was rather special as it celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Volkswagen van.
Van owners relish the chance to get together and exchange stories and […]

A trip down memory lane – Ice Cream Van

Van Drivers young and old will have an affinity with one type of van and the history that goes with it. Surprisingly enough there is no particular manufacturer associated with the vehicle. It was a van that was nearly always heard before it was seen and one that in my case anyway often had me turning to my grandparents rather than mum and dad.
These tunes should ring a bell so to speak, with more than one generation; Popeye the Sailor man, Greensleeves, Do ye ken […]

Commercial Vehicle Show To Take Place At NEC Next Month

The commercial vehicle show is due to take place from the 13th-15th April next month. It is a highlight on the calendar for fleet managers and drivers alike.
There will be a variety of new vans exhibited and anybody looking to make a purchase is encouraged to visit. Companies specialising in vehicle maintenance equipment, replacement parts, logistics and fleet management systems will also be present.
There will be particular focus on the environmental impact of commercial vehicles at this years show. Those who attend will be given […]