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Commercial Vehicles and Driving Licences

Depending on what type of commercial vehicle you drive you need to make sure that you have the right licence, otherwise you may not be able to control the vehicle properly and you could be driving the vehicle illegally.

Commercial Vehicle Registrations Down in 2012

According to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders overall sales in 2012 of commercial vehicle registrations fell and the worst hit was Volvo. Across the truck and vans sector sales were down 5.9% during and the reason for this is directly linked to the poor sales of light commercial vehicles. This is not great news for commercial vehicle insurance providers.

No more tax discs?

I apologize if you were perched on the edge of your seat clicking with anticipation just then. No, this doesn’t mean that vehicle tax will be removed in any form, just that the DVLA is planning on removing the paper tax discs and making the whole business digital (which it already is to a large extent).

Diabetes sufferers could lose their driving licence

It appears that drivers in the UK who are honest enough to register an illness when applying for a driving licence are being treated less than fairly by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing agency (DVLA). In a change of policy the DVLA are regarding sufferers of certain diseases a lot more harshly than they have done in the past and many groups and charities are upset about it.
Change in guidelines unfair?
The new guidelines being used by the DVLA on people who suffer from diabetes is […]

Vans and truck registrations continue to rise

The number of private and commercial traders taking commercial vehicle insurance out on new vans has risen for the fifteenth month in a row according to the latest monthly report issued by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The figures for April 2011 have just been disclosed and once more trucks and vans come out the best.
Light vans and heavy trucks shine
The real success stories were light commercial vans and heavy trucks but gains were noted right across the spectrum. The total sales […]

Speed cameras; the big switch off

Van drivers along with other motorists must be preparing for life without static speed cameras, and many will be rubbing their hands with glee. As the debate over their use has been in the political arena for many years, it seems fitting that a political decision albeit one about finances should precipitate their disappearance.
With road safety groups absolutely adamant on their valuable contribution to cutting loss of life in motoring accidents, motoring groups accusing the government of using them as no more than a cash […]

Registration Plate change surprise

Van drivers who have decided to splash out on a new van and the commercial vehicle insurance to go with it, may well get a surprise when they see the registration plate allocated to their new LCV.
Because the Department of Vehicle Licensing (DVLA) issue two new registrations every year, the ones issued from September 1st will have the number 60 on them. This may seem strange but is brought about by the present system whereby the first registration of the year takes the last two numerals […]

The tax disc is not just a piece of paper

All vehicles on the road have to be taxed and insured by some sort of vehicle insurance, whether it’s a single person driving a mini or a company with a fleet of vans covered on commercial vehicle insurance, the law is the same. The vehicle Tax Disc came about after the Acts of 1919 and 20 which laid down specifications for the first Tax Discs and exactly how they had to be displayed. It was classed as proof that payment of the Road Fund Licence […]

New drivers will face a much tougher driving test

It would appear that today’s new breed of van driver may well be a little older and have a little less cash in his pocket if the experts predictions about the new driving test come to fruition. The driving test is celebrating its 75th birthday and during all those years it has more or less stayed the same. However, on October 4th 2010 the new driving test will start, and before the prospective van driver can even think about getting a commercial vehicle insurance quote, […]

Drive safely whatever the weather

One of the best feelings in the world is hearing the driving test examiner say “I am happy to say that you have passed the driving test”. From that moment, one thing is 100% certain, during the years of driving; many different driving conditions will be experienced. A big part of becoming both a skillful and experienced driver is learning the best methods of safe driving when road conditions are far from ideal. While taking driving lessons it is unlikely that all the dangers such […]