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Fleet fuel prices – feeling the pinch

There has been a continual rise in fuel costs despite the actual price per barrel decreasing. Many are furious that petrol stations have not lowered their prices but instead keep prices either stagnant or raised. This is bad enough for those hard working families who are already strapped for cash, but for fleet owners the pressure is getting too much to bare. What with the worry of exhaust theft, increases in van insurance premiums, tougher parking laws and the possibility of a pay-as-you-go road tax, […]

Keeping safe: staying out of accidents

Keeping Safe – There are a lot of things many drivers neglect in their day-to-day van driving, something that could not only put their van at risk but their lives too. It is a fact of life that accidents are going to happen on the road – and given the weight and handling of vans compared to smaller vehicles it makes it a little bit more likely to occur with a van. However, being mindful of all the rules and procedures of the road, and […]

Winter Tyres are Essential

An information campaign has been launched by Goodyear Dunlop to advice owners of commercial vehicles on how to stay safe during the winter on the roads.
This is the result of recent statistics that have shown that 568 accidents that happened on the roads were because of snow and ice, even though we aren’t a country renowned for this.
Boris Stevanovic from Goodyear Dunlop has said, “With increasingly unpredictable European weather conditions and stricter tyre legislation, Goodyear is advising all commercial vehicle operators to ensure that they […]

Tradesmen Not Wearing Sun Cream

With the unpredictable weather that this country has seen across the summer it is no surprise that many of us have been caught out and got a little sun burnt. However, it turns out that tradesmen, that often drive vans covered with van insurance, are repeat offenders when it comes to not putting on sun cream whether they know it will be sunny or not. While simply driving around in sunny conditions they are at risk of burning.
A survey was carried out and it has […]

Light Commercial Vehicles LCV Values Increase

Last month saw another increase in prices for light commercial vehicles of 2.3 per cent. LCV Values are now £99 higher than they were during the same month of last year. This is according to the latest Pulse report from the BCA.
This price increase came at the same time that the average age of the vehicles also increased by 8.8 per cent which is equivalent to four months. Surprisingly, the average millage had also increased by 15.6 per cent which is an additional 10,700 miles.
Fleet […]

Petrol or Diesel

There are many things to consider when deciding which vans will best suit your business needs and give you the most for your money. After all you don’t want to be spending extra money on your fleet as it is already expensive with rising fuel costs and commercial vehicle insurance. This is why here at VanQuoteDirect we have decided to help you decide between a petrol or diesel fleet.
Diesel in the Long Run
Since the 1980’s when the first diesel engines emerged it was the obvious […]

It’s a Snowy UK Today

So, it’s snowed yet again these past two days and there is more snow forecast next week too. Much of the UK will therefore be covered in snow, which will inevitably lead to icy and dangerous roads. The chance of many commercial vehicle drivers experiencing disruption or heavy traffic jams at such times is therefore quite high, and it will be very important to take care on the roads during such times.
Black Ice
For many van drivers, their vehicle is, in some respects, their office, so […]

What’s the Best Looking Van?

Today we’re thinking about what the best looking van is currently on the market, new and used. A van isn’t just about being able to carry a heavy load, or how many boxes and goods you can squeeze in the back. It’s important for a van to look smart too, no matter what size it is and that is exactly why, for this blog, we are forgetting about how big the van is. We are simply just thinking about the best looking vans.
Now, while I […]

London Emission Rules Hit Drivers

Commercial vehicles that were registered before October 2006, including motor caravans, lorries, horseboxes and vans will be effected by the changes to the London emission rules, which means they have to pay a fee of £100 per day to drive in Greater London, any time of the day or evening.
All these vehicles will have to fit filters that can cost up to £3,500 as well as undergoing a £32 annual inspection by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency, not forgetting yearly MOT checks and the […]

Councils milking motorists like never before with parking charges

It will come as no secret to millions of hauliers, delivery drivers and other professional motorists, that a survey carried out by a nationwide motor group has revealed that parking charges have increased dramatically in the last two years.
Mind boggling figures
According to the report, English councils raised an extra £184 million pounds in the past 24 months by upping their off street and on street charges, and incredibly they now bring in over £1.3 billion a year. The Co-operative Motor Group who based their report […]