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Friday Five: Tips to reduce van insurance

Van insurance is an annual costly necessity for van drivers and fleet owners. How can you alleviate these costs and save yourself some money? Here are five tips:
5. Van Security

One of the best ways to save on your premium is to have invested in security devices. Locks, immobilisers, alarms, secure markings, GPS tracking systems. All these will help reduce your premium, however you must make sure that they’re installed by professionals with a degree of accreditation, […]

No more tax discs?

I apologize if you were perched on the edge of your seat clicking with anticipation just then. No, this doesn’t mean that vehicle tax will be removed in any form, just that the DVLA is planning on removing the paper tax discs and making the whole business digital (which it already is to a large extent).

Ford Ranger to the Rescue this Winter

The Ford Ranger and Transits are getting ready for the coldest winter in 100 years that we are about to face. This fleet with 140 vehicles from the company GRITIT who are specialists in snow clearance will be gritting the roads and providing maintenance services.

Friday Five: Best Tyres for Winter

We run down the top 5 best tyres for winter use – With the cold weather well and truly here it is essential to make sure your fleet or personal van is kitted out with the best equipment for these conditions. This means winter tyres are a must have. They have a special tread pattern which means they have improved grip on the road in winter conditions. Usually they work best when the temperature drops below 7 degrees as they improve safety by shortening stopping […]

New Congestion Charge Plans

New plans have been revealed to extend the Congestion Tax discounts so it includes light commercial vehicles. This at first glance is great news as the money saved on the congestion charge, can be used for paying the commercial vehicle insurance. However, the current level of emissions of 100g/km that is required to be included is now being reduced to 75g/km.

A Bread and Butter Van: Fiat Scudo

When we see van reviews, nearly all the vans are kitted out with GPS systems, leather trim, air conditioning, alloy wheels and so on. The aim of this is to hope that readers think that all of these extras come at standard and at a base price. We all know however that these extras are not cheap; what most fleet owners want to see reviewed is the basic model, the essential vehicle for business purposes.

Average Values for Vans Increase

In October the average price of a used light commercial vehicle increase by £223 compared to September says the latest figures that have been released by the British Car Auctions.

Vivaro Wins the MPG Marathon


You’re probably all fed up of hearing about the doom and gloom situation of spiralling fuel costs as well as the stagnant or rising cost of van insurance. The MPG Marathon however is a 2 day event which tests cars, vans and other vehicles against each other in real life situations over hundreds of miles, seeing which one has the best fuel economy.
The Event
This years’ Marathon took place in the Cotswolds at the beginning of […]

Vans targeted on A48

In South Wales, Gwent police have started up a large scale operation to tackle rogue traders in vans. The move is part of a nationwide operation to crack down on illegal traders. The operation in Wales meant pulling over suspect vans and taking them to a nearby car park and checking vehicle and driver details and credentials such as trading licenses, goods being carried, tax and so on.
Clamp down
Van drivers were not just tackled for illegal […]

Fleet fuel prices – feeling the pinch

There has been a continual rise in fuel costs despite the actual price per barrel decreasing. Many are furious that petrol stations have not lowered their prices but instead keep prices either stagnant or raised. This is bad enough for those hard working families who are already strapped for cash, but for fleet owners the pressure is getting too much to bare. What with the worry of exhaust theft, increases in van insurance premiums, tougher parking […]