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Is your business winter ready?

Don’t let your business suffer – be winter ready. With our handy guide, we can help make sure that it won’t affect your day-to-day operation.

Put in place a bad weather plan. Bad weather can be a nightmare for employers and business owners. Logistics, safety hazards and resources can all be challenged during winter. So be sure to:

Cover that employees need to know that in the event of poor weather hitting that it will be open or closed for business and who to contact.
Create an Evacuation […]

Businesses Looking to Increase Commercial Vehicle Fleets in 2014

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for commercial vehicle fleet managers, especially as the popularity of internet shopping has increased year on year. These days nearly everyone orders at least one of their Christmas presents online which needs to be delivered using some form of commercial vehicle. So what does this mean for commercial vehicle fleets in the near future? VanQuoteDirect investigates:

Long Haul Journeys

For many, a long haul journey in a lorry will often be something that they are used to as that is the business they are working in. But what happens if it is a one off journey for you in terms of work? Well the best thing to do it make sure that you are properly informed of all the driving laws in all the countries that you will be driving in.

Used Van Prices Increase – As Does Age and Mileage

Recently we have been reporting on all the new vans that are set to hit the commercial vehicle industry but for many, a new van is simply out the question. If you are self employed tradesman it is more likely that you are purchasing second hand vehicles.

Driving In Snow & Ice

Later this week, the UK is expecting another bout of cold weather. Just as we thought Spring was upon us, with some parts of the UK reaching the giddy heights of 14°C, the weather forecast has taken a turn for the worst. As such, the following guide (released by the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)) may be helpful for those drivers who didn’t fare quite as well several weeks ago.

New Ford Fiesta Van

Ford Fiesta by now is a well recognised name and so it should be, it has been around since 1976 and even since then there has been a light commercial versions. Well this is no different for the new generation of Fiesta. Vans that are based on small cars are a niche market but Ford are determined to offer a product in all of the van markets.

Plugged in Fleet Initiative

A new report that has been published by the Energy Savings Trust about plugged-in fleets have revealed that they can reduce the cost of fuel for the fleet by up to 75%. These huge savings are definitely a welcome change to businesses at the moment as it will help fund extra costs such as commercial vehicle insurance and repairs. The report also revealed that those businesses that operate with daily cycles of less than 80 miles may find that by having a completely electric fleet […]

British Winters: The Farce

In Britain we are cursed with one of the most unpredictable (some say, the most unpredictable) weather systems in the world. This is because we are susceptible to a myriad of factors including maritime/continental air masses, the Gulf Stream, the Jet Stream; to the extent that the British Isles have been known to see the weather of all four seasons in one day.

Run-flat tyre market increasing

Run-flat tyres are, for most people, the product of action films where ‘cops’ fail to stop an escaping vehicle despite ‘shooting out’ their tyres.

Over 2/3rds of drivers uninformed of EU tyre label system

The tyre manufacturer Continental revealed that after questioning a sample of motorists, the vast majority were unaware of the new tyre label system which was newly put into place in November of last year.