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Round up: This Month’s Vans

There is always something new coming to the commercial vehicle market which can often make it difficult when it comes to choosing a new van. Even after you have chosen what you think is going to be the most suitable van for your business you then have to decide whether you are going to purchase it first or second hand. If you are going to purchase a van brand new you have to decide which extras, if any, you want and whether you want the […]

Some of our Favourite Vans

This month we are having a look at a couple of our favourite vans, old and new. In the line-up this month is the Mercedes Citan Compact and the Ford Fiesta Sport Van.
Mercedes Citan Compact
Last year Mercedes entered the small van market with their Citan Compact which is based on Renault’s Kangoo. The entry of this van into the market means that businesses that run and manage fleets are now able to purchase commercial vehicles that range from 1,700kgs to 44 tonnes in just one […]

Van Driving and Advice

Driving a van can be a relatively easy and stress-free experience if you’re an experienced car driver. However while many of the skills learnt on the road over the years can be simply translated to a bigger vehicle, driving a van is still a very different experience.

The Benefits of a Clean Van

We all have great fun when we are stuck in traffic behind a dirty van trying to make out what the messages say that have been etched into the filth. This is all well and good but for those who are trying to operate a business using these vans, it’s doesn’t send out the greatest impression of the service that is being offered.

Testing times for the used LCV market

According to the latest market analysis figures released from Manheim the used Light Commercial Vehicle market is struggling despite its strong start to 2013.
Just a few months ago the market was looking particularly strong with conversion rates of used vans having risen to 81% in March, a positive for auction vendors who relied on a steady cash flow. The average number of days vehicles were remaining on site was also` down to just 10.9. Total sales figures were strong too, with 6,725 units were solid […]

Van Safety

Van thefts or thefts from vans have been on the increase, as a result of this Burnt Tree vehicle rental are launching a campaign which will encourage drivers to make sure they are taking the safety of their vehicles and contents more seriously. This should help reduce the amount of thefts from light commercial vehicles, improving van safety.

The Ford Fiesta Van

We have all heard of Ford Fiesta and with reason too, they have been around since 1976 and right from the word go there have been light commercial vehicles replicating the different versions. They aren’t about to stop this trend now so they have released the 7th generation Ford Fiesta. For many, a small car-derived van isn’t practical so it is a very niche market however, Ford fully intend to have something to offer in every van sector no matter of the size.

Speed Limiters for Vans?

Chris Davies who is a UK Liberal Democrat has tabled a proposal which suggests that the maximum speed in Europe for vans should be limited to 75mph which is the equivalent of120km/h. This is supported by the European Parliament’s environment committee. The reason for this is to promote those buying new vans to downsize their engines which will in turn not only save the drivers money in terms of tax and fuel but will also reduce pollution and increase safety on the motorway.

Mercedes-Benz set to offer optional safety tech on new Sprinter models

German automobile manufacturer Mercedes-Benz have announced they will be offering improved safety technology, carried over from its luxury passenger vehicles, for its restyled Sprinter commercial van lines.

Ford triumph at 2013 Fleet World Honours

The prestigious Fleet World Van Honours took place earlier this week with manufacturer Ford taking home five awards in total.
The awards are presented by the trade publication to auto manufacturers, service companies and individuals and whom the judging panel believe have achieved the highest level of excellence within their sector.
Sustained success
With the latest Ford Transit Custom model receiving awards for “Best New Van”, “Best Medium Van and Innovation” along with the B-MAX being honoured for Design of the Year, the remarkable evening was capped off […]