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Plugged in Fleet Initiative

A new report that has been published by the Energy Savings Trust about plugged-in fleets have revealed that they can reduce the cost of fuel for the fleet by up to 75%. These huge savings are definitely a welcome change to businesses at the moment as it will help fund extra costs such as commercial vehicle insurance and repairs. The report also revealed that those businesses that operate with daily cycles of less than 80 miles may find that by having a completely electric fleet […]

Iveco Keep Share of the 3.5 Tonne Market

Iveco are an Italian van and truck manufacturer and during 2012 the managed to keep their share of the 3.5 tonne UK van market at a constant 5.7 per cent. This is the same percentage as in 2011 even though the market as a whole was down 1 per cent year on year. The strange thing about Iveco is that it doesn’t compete in a market below 3.5 tonnes and because of this it wasn’t affected by the slight drop in sales of the lighter […]

Citan Spec Released

Mercedes Benz has now released the price and specification of the new Citan range. It has been based on the Renault Kangoo and completely re-engineered and re-designed inside and out. The vehicles come in a range of lengths: compact, long and extra long.

Friday Five: Most Reliable Vans of 2012

Here we’ll look at the most reliable vans of 2012, whilst before, we looked at the most reliable manufacturers. The results aren’t surprising, and we feel that it is a slight shame that they have been dominated by only three manufacturers. We can reveal that in the top ten however, Renault, Vauxhall and Citroen all made it.

Ford are now Taking Orders for the Fiesta Van

Ford has revealed you can now order their next generation of Fiesta Van. They are predicting that the first deliveries will be received at the end of January. The diesel version of this van has fuel consumption of 76.4mpg which is the same as 100g/km in CO2 emissions.

Commercial Vehicle Registrations Down in 2012

According to figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders overall sales in 2012 of commercial vehicle registrations fell and the worst hit was Volvo. Across the truck and vans sector sales were down 5.9% during and the reason for this is directly linked to the poor sales of light commercial vehicles. This is not great news for commercial vehicle insurance providers.

The Mini Clubvan is Nearly Here

So the year is here when the Clubvan mini will be launched! Mini have said that this light commercial vehicle will be launched in autumn and there will be choice of three models.

Over 2/3rds of drivers uninformed of EU tyre label system

The tyre manufacturer Continental revealed that after questioning a sample of motorists, the vast majority were unaware of the new tyre label system which was newly put into place in November of last year.

ATS Tyres to Service Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Derbyshire based Commercial Vehicle Solutions has recently signed a new contract with ATS Tyres Euromaster, who will now be in charged of supplying and servicing a 2,300 fleet for the company. This is great news, as with fully functioning and serviced vans on the road there will be less chance of Commercial Vehicle Solutions having to claim on their commercial vehicle insurance policy.

Ford Announce New Connect Wagon Mini Van

In North America, as of the last quarter in 2013, customers will be able to purchase the new Transit Connect Wagon Mini Van by Ford. It comes as a five or seven-seater van with short or long wheelbases.
The vehicles are being built in Spain, Valencia and are available for all markets. The European version is the Torneo which will be ready to buy here in the UK at the same time. Mark Ovenden is the managing director of Ford in Britain and he announced the […]