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Choosing the Best Routing Software

When it comes to choosing routing software the first thing you need to ensure is that you have all the appropriate data including customer codes, delivery addresses and time windows as well as the orders. You should have this information in your order processing systems which simply means transferring the data from here to the routing software. You also need to consider that if you are also using a warehouse management system, once the routes have been […]

The Best Selling Vans of 2014 so far

Image of Ford Logo
With the first quarter of the year nearing an end, you may be looking to purchase a new van for your business, or even for leisure. Whatever your reason, we thought we would round up the best selling vehicles so far so you can make an informed decision.
Since January there has been a total of just over 275,000 new van registrations, which is fantastic news. This suggests to us that business is booming, and […]

Businesses Looking to Increase Commercial Vehicle Fleets in 2014

Image of white vanChristmas is one of the busiest times of the year for commercial vehicle fleet managers, especially as the popularity of internet shopping has increased year on year. These days nearly everyone orders at least one of their Christmas presents online which needs to be delivered using some form of commercial vehicle. So what does this mean for commercial vehicle fleets in the near future? VanQuoteDirect investigates:

Mercedes Citan – Average Safety Rating

The new Mercedes Citan has now been awarded a three star safety rating. This is after it has under gone rigorous crash testing that was conducted by Euro NCAP.
Safety Rating
Although three stars is pretty average this isn’t entirely surprising as it is based on Renault Kangoo which is a five year old design. Since the Kangoo was designed, safety and crash protection has moved on a lot so when the new Kangoo is released in the […]

Mercedes-Benz Vito Sport Dualiner

The Sprinter has already proved to be such a huge success for Mercedes-Benz that its little brother the Vito tends to get overlooked.
But there’s definitely no overlooking the variant on test here – the Sport Dualiner – which is a proper bobby-dazzler, clad In beautiful metallic paint, side bars, alloy wheels and smoked glass side windows.

Renault Fights back with Revised Kangoo

We have recently written about the new Mercedes light commercial vehicle that is based on the Renault Kangoo. Well in response to this, it seems that Renault will be releasing phase 2 models of the van later on in the year. To look at the Kangoo is getting a slight make-over. It will be kitted out with a revised dashboard and for the first time will have start/stop technology included to make it more fuel […]

New Ford Fiesta Van

Ford Fiesta by now is a well recognised name and so it should be, it has been around since 1976 and even since then there has been a light commercial versions. Well this is no different for the new generation of Fiesta. Vans that are based on small cars are a niche market but Ford are determined to offer a product in all of the van markets.

Plugged in Fleet Initiative

A new report that has been published by the Energy Savings Trust about plugged-in fleets have revealed that they can reduce the cost of fuel for the fleet by up to 75%. These huge savings are definitely a welcome change to businesses at the moment as it will help fund extra costs such as commercial vehicle insurance and repairs. The report also revealed that those businesses that operate with daily cycles of less than 80 miles […]

Iveco Keep Share of the 3.5 Tonne Market

Iveco are an Italian van and truck manufacturer and during 2012 the managed to keep their share of the 3.5 tonne UK van market at a constant 5.7 per cent. This is the same percentage as in 2011 even though the market as a whole was down 1 per cent year on year. The strange thing about Iveco is that it doesn’t compete in a market below 3.5 tonnes and because of this it wasn’t […]