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Don’t Forget the Optional Extras for Your Van Insurance

All you need to know about the insurance extras that we have to offer
At Van Quote Direct we offer far more than just your standard motor insurance policy, we provide a broad range of extras to give you the specific coverage that you need. We have compiled brief description of our most popular add-on’s for you to see what other option you have.
All insurance extras mentioned below are only available to purchase if you already hold a full insurance policy through Van Quote Direct or […]

Keycare Insurance Cover now Available from Us!

For a quote, call us now on 0344 557 1204
Bedford Keycare
KeyCare Insurance – The Benefits:
• Up to 35% of keys are recovered
• No excess to pay at point of claim
• Protects No Claims Record on car / home insurance policy
• Any keys attached to the fob are covered, including Infra-Red remote
• Personal security is never compromised
• Available 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
• Complete peace of mind
• Unlimited claims up to […]

Keeping safe: staying out of accidents

Keeping Safe – There are a lot of things many drivers neglect in their day-to-day van driving, something that could not only put their van at risk but their lives too. It is a fact of life that accidents are going to happen on the road – and given the weight and handling of vans compared to smaller vehicles it makes it a little bit more likely to occur with a van. However, being mindful of all the rules and procedures of the road, and […]

Increase in Catalytic Converter Thefts

Last month it was announced that there was a large rise in the amount of catalytic converter thefts. The converters that were targeted were primarily from commercial vans and 4x4s.
Organised Crime
It was reported that, between January 1st and the end of May there were 249 thefts, compared to 47 in the same five months last year. These catalytic converter attacks have been located around Leicestershire and a large number of those with commercial van insurance have been falling victim to the thefts.
The police believe that […]

Law Breach?

It has been reported that a commercial van and truck dealer located in Blackburn has allegedly breached competition laws with other dealers. The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has alleged that Mercedes-Benz and five dealers, including Ciceley, in Blackburn, have infringed the laws regarding healthy competition.
These laws are put in place to encourage healthy and fair competition between businesses and a breach of such laws can be incredibly damaging.
Additional Dealers
The additional dealers have been named by the OFT as Enza, Northside, Road Range and H&L. […]

Ice Cream Fracas in Blackburn

There has been a video uploaded to YouTube of two ice-cream vans in a dispute over who should serve a particular street with ice-cream.
What Happened?
The footage has had more than 400,000 views and shows Mr Yummy, who is run by Zeheer Ramzan and Mr Whippy, who is run by Mohammed Mulla in a fracas on Palatine Road in Blackburn.
The incident happened on the 2nd of June and Mr Ramzan is apparently seen to be breaking the window of the Mr Whippy. After this Mr Mulla […]

Keeping Your Van Secure

Securing your van is absolutely essential for your trade. Without effective van security your van and goods will be at risk from opportunist thieves. Van thefts have also been rife in recent months, or more specifically, catalytic converters have been vulnerable due to their high scrap value, and so it has become increasingly important to lock up your van and ensure it is secured and insured with a decent commercial vehicle insurance quote.
Security Strategies
In order to keep your van secure at night it may be […]

M5 tragedy will have big repercussions

Although it is still too early to say what caused the M5 tragedy last weekend, it is more than likely the awful loss of life in the conflagration may have far reaching effects on the future of motoring in the UK. Speed limits, the number of lanes on motorways, health and safety issues surrounding fireworks will all be closely examined over the next few months.
Financial benefits from an increase in limits
In recent months the Ministry of Transport have been suggesting that they may consider increasing […]

Thieves looking to cash in on catalytic converters

As the spate of metal thefts gathers pace across the country, van drivers and charities are finding themselves in the middle of a “battlefield” which is being overrun by organised gangs of criminals.
Soaring scrap metal prices to blame
Many social experts are putting down the spate of thefts as symptomatic of a society that is struggling with unemployment, high inflation and soaring energy bills. Others are putting it down to the soaring price of scrap metal! Whatever the reason, more and more van drivers are making […]

Drivers tyred of pothole damage

Van drivers can be perhaps forgiven a little today if their attention is turned to their vehicles tyres. Of course many van drivers spend long hours on the roads of the UK every day, many listen to the radio and for the last 24 hours van tyres have cropped up more than once in conversations on the airwaves.
Hot air
The hot topic over the last couple of days on quite a few media outlets has been the subject of potholes (because you can imagine potholes trending!) […]