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Friday Five: Most Reliable Vans of 2012

Here we’ll look at the most reliable vans of 2012, whilst before, we looked at the most reliable manufacturers. The results aren’t surprising, and we feel that it is a slight shame that they have been dominated by only three manufacturers. We can reveal that in the top ten however, Renault, Vauxhall and Citroen all made it.

Lets revise the Carbon Dioxide – Emission Tax

After being criticized for the attempt to introduce a company car tax, the Government may push to boost incentives for ultra-low emission vehicles.

TWL Buy New Mercedes Fleet

TWL Voice and Data is a telephone systems supplier that is based in Cardiff and they have just replaced their fleet with more long-bodied Vito vans. They bought five of them from the Mercedes Benz dealership called Euro Commercials which are just round the corner from them.

Commercial Fleets to Support Go 20

Today there been a campaign launched nationally which is targeted to all drivers to Go 20. This is in order to fulfill the 2012 legacy for safe walking and cycling for all.

Average Values for Vans Increase

In October the average price of a used light commercial vehicle increase by £223 compared to September says the latest figures that have been released by the British Car Auctions.

Vans attacked in Surrey

Police in the South East of England are appealing for witnesses after two delivery van drivers working for a national supermarket chain were attacked in their cabs.
The attacks took place within 7 days of each other and were just a couple of miles apart in the areas of Redhill and Reigate in Surrey. Both vans suffered damage in the attacks and their commercial vehicle insurance will come into play but it is the danger that the […]

A third of van drivers are women

One third of white van men may actually be white van women. A survey recently conducted by AXA Business Insurance on van drivers found that one third of them were women using their vans for commercial activities.
The stereotype
Van drivers have commonly been held as the subject of the white van man stereotype. In British (tongue-in-cheek) popular culture, the white van man is considered rough round the edges, handy, often bald, two sugars in his tea and […]

Fraikin will Now Hire Trucks to Environcom

Fraikin is a commercial vehicle fleet management and maintenance company and they have just landed a five year contract with Environcom. They are the country’s largest recycling company and they will now be supplied with three trucks.
The contract means that Fraikin will provide Environcom with three 15 tonne rigid body box trucks for hire which include tail lifts and sleeper cabs. The trucks will be used to deliver electrical goods that have been reconditioned to charity […]

Telematics for a Greener World

According to a survey by ALD Automotive nine out of ten drivers in the UK are happy to have a telematics device fitted to their vehicle in order to save fuel. This is especially true for those who have a fleet of commercial vehicles.
Fleets are under more and more pressure to cut emissions and with fuel prices on the increase, companies are looking for ways to cut the fuel bill. Most opt for replacing a […]

Cash in Hand Economy

David Guake Treasury Minister, has warned that tradesmen who are paid cash in hand are “morally wrong” as it potentially damaging the economy. He said that those who are evading VAT or income tax are forcing other members of the public to pay more.
The cash in hand sector costs the country billions of pounds each year.
Tough Times
Those who are arguing against the case though have said that the Government were being too hard on those trying […]