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Tokyo Motor Show offers glimpse into the future

The Tokyo Motor Show opened this week, offering up not just an array of the world’s wackiest cars but also an interesting insight into where the automobile and van industries could be heading in the near future.
A common theme for the show has been an emphasis on vehicles of a smaller size, with the majority of the 14 Japanese and 18 overseas manufacturers exhibiting, showcasing tiny electric vehicles in which passengers ride in tandem.

The Emerald T-001

We all know that efficiency is fast becoming the main selling point for vans, as fuel prices escalate. As such, the last ten years have seen hybrid variants; ones using biofuels; solely electric vans; LPG ones and so on entering the market. Little of these have had much success, whilst others have never really taken off at all. The demand for electric vehicles is still low, for instance, due to their limited range.

Over 2/3rds of drivers uninformed of EU tyre label system

The tyre manufacturer Continental revealed that after questioning a sample of motorists, the vast majority were unaware of the new tyre label system which was newly put into place in November of last year.

Lets revise the Carbon Dioxide – Emission Tax

After being criticized for the attempt to introduce a company car tax, the Government may push to boost incentives for ultra-low emission vehicles.

Friday Five: Least Efficient Vans

This week, given the current petrol-saving climate that we are in, we are looking at some of the very worst performing vans in terms of fuel efficiency. Whilst a lot of inefficient vehicles are high-end sports cars with the Veyron doing a paltry 10mpg (highway and urban combined), invariably most of these gas guzzlers are huge and American. Big doesn’t need to mean inefficient however, as the Nissan Urvan which is of a comparable size to the US mega vans does 43mpg. The vast majority […]

Nissan and Coca-Cola Join Forces in Japan – Introducing the e-NV200

Nissan and Coca-Cola have joined forces when it comes to the new e-NV200. Nissan will be giving Coca-Cola with the electric commercial vehicles so they can test them and provide feedback with how they perform in regards to commercial demands.

Renault Kangoo Z.E Hits Europe

By now, everyone has heard about the Renault Kangoo Z.E and if not, you have missed out on quite a few of our blogs! Now it is finally being launched in Europe.
If you have missed our blogs, here is an update. The Z.E is energy efficient but looks the same as the diesel version. Now for most commercial vehicle fleet managers, eco-friendly vehicles are not necessarily top of the list when it comes to buying new vans. However, here are a few reasons why we […]

Hybrid Vans 20% more economical

With many car manufacturers having expanded their line of hybrid cars over recent years, we are now seeing the commercial vehicle market being the subject of extensive hybrid technology developments. A recent study by the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory showed that such hybrid vans were significantly more economical.
Saving 1/5th
The study’s chief engineer Michael Lammert stated that “During the on-road portion of our study, the hybrid vans demonstrated a 13 to 20% higher fuel economy than the conventional vans,” It was important […]

Peugeot and Citroen vans go Electric

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular with businesses operating fleets, the money saved from the massively reduced fuel prices able to go towards other costs such as commercial vehicle insurance.
Now French car manufacturers Peugeot and Citroen are both due to showcase electric models of their small vans at the Hannover Commercial Vehicle Show in September.
Aimed predominantly at businesses to more effectively manage their low-emissions, the Peugeot Partner Electric and Citroen Electric Berlingo are based on their standard model counterparts, but with an electric drivetrain fitted […]

Petrol or Diesel

There are many things to consider when deciding which vans will best suit your business needs and give you the most for your money. After all you don’t want to be spending extra money on your fleet as it is already expensive with rising fuel costs and commercial vehicle insurance. This is why here at VanQuoteDirect we have decided to help you decide between a petrol or diesel fleet.
Diesel in the Long Run
Since the 1980’s when the first diesel engines emerged it was the obvious […]