Brandon Hire Gets a New Fleet


Brandon Hire is a specialist tools and equipment supplier and they have now got a new fleet of six bespoke Fiat Ducato-based KFS low-loader transporters. The reason for this purchase is so they can be used for delivering equipment to construction customers around the country from a number of outlets.

The Van

The bespoke vehicles were built by KFS Special Vehicles so they were exactly what Brandon needed. Before they were modified the vans started out as 130hp 2.3 litre Ducato 33 Back-to-Back chassis cabs. They have gross vehicle weights of 3.5 tonnes and kerb weights of 1,910kg. They are all only fitted with one single seat and have been restricted to 68 mph.

Loading and unloading can be done easily and safely as the loading height is 530mm and has a full width mesh steel torsion sprung tailgate. To help Brandon Hire with their deliveries there have been a number of tie down points fitted to allow for different tools to be carried safely.

Brandon Hire

Steve Pensom is the logistics manager at Brandon Hire and he has said, “We chose the Fiat Ducato B2B due to its ability to carry a mini digger on the vehicle without the need for a tow trailer. What really impressed us, when the vehicle was on test, was the fact that anyone with a car licence could drive the truck. This benefit, along with improved mpg performance and the potential to safely carry greater payloads, provided us with the idea vehicle to help minimise our costs and maximise staff levels.”

By minimising their costs, it will be easier to pay for the extra costs that come with running a fleet such as commercial vehicle insurance and fuel.


Sebasriano Fedrigo is the director at Fiat Professional UK and he has said, “We are delighted that once again the Fiat Ducato has been chosen as the base for the KFS low-loader transporter ordered by Brandon Hire. Fiat Ducato’s various lengths and gross vehicle weights of the chassis, combined with the latest Euro 5 engines, give the converters an enormous choice of base vehicle, for anything from a minibus to a motorhome or even a flatbed truck.”



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