Bedford classic steals the show

Although vans are not usually the focus of attention at “show and shine” events, one old British van got plenty of attention when it showed up at a classic event in Canada, The Bedford Classic.

Vans rub shoulders with classic cars

The Saskatoon classic car event is usually seen as the preserve of famous old American cars such as Corvettes, Mustangs and Impalas but this year one or two more unusual vehicles that would have been covered by commercial van insurance at some time in their lives were present. The 29th annual celebration of the famous old vehicles included an old Ford Astro, a 1978 Volkswagen Westfalia that went by the name of Sweet Pea, and an old 1960 British Bedford 4 cylinder van that stole the show for many.

Standing tall

The Ford Astro van owned by Andre Haugedand is neither old nor a classic but its stunning pearl blue paintjob and raised axle saw it literally standing head and shoulders above many of its fellow exhibitors. Andre explained the raised axle helped him traverse the snow in Canada and the change in design had little bearing on his van insurance quote.

Sweet pea grows on owner

The Westfalia campervan belonged to Janaye Lightfoot and it was quite easy to see that the van was in fact older than its owner; however, there was no doubting they made a nice couple. Janaye explained she had travelled extensively in “Sweetpea” and her young family loved it. She said the van, which still has its original exterior, performed magnificently in the Canadian mountains and she was preparing to cross the vastness of Canada in it next year.

Workhorse becomes pet project

It was the old Bedford van of Bill Rafoss though that drew most of the attention. The 50 year old van was a common sight on the roads of the UK in former times. It was the standard bearer of delivery vans in every corner of England and a sight seen by one and all every day. The van was purchased by the car club to act as a workhorse; helping to get smaller cars and car parts to shows the club took part in across Canada. However, the restoration of the van soon became a pet project for members and it is now resplendently kitted out in British Racing green and gets plenty of attention at all the shows.



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