ATS Tyres to Service Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Derbyshire based Commercial Vehicle Solutions has recently signed a new contract with ATS Tyres Euromaster, who will now be in charged of supplying and servicing a 2,300 fleet for the company. This is great news, as with fully functioning and serviced vans on the road there will be less chance of Commercial Vehicle Solutions having to claim on their commercial vehicle insurance policy.

The fleet at Euromaster consists of light commercial vehicles of which there are 1380 Fords, Mercedes Benz and Peugeot LCV’s. As well as this there are 920 heavy trucks in the fleet including those that have been manufactured by MAN, Mercedes Benz and Renault. ATS will be fitting Avon tyres to the light commercial vehicles, and for the trucks will be using Taurus and Encore tyres. On top of this Commercial Vehicle Solutions have 24/7 rapid response service included in their contract.

The Contract

ATS won the contract as a result of their work to maximise the life of the tyres they supply to their customers. Within the Commercial Vehicle Solutions contract they will be carrying out regular inspections and will re-groove the tyres where necessary. As a way of improving the life of the tyres they will also be twinned and turned on the rim, which will then, increase the efficiency of the tyre.

Commercial Vehicle Solutions

Peter Findlay is the general manager for fleet operations at Commercial Vehicle Solutions and has said, “Cost is always a major player in any tender process, but what impressed us at ATS was is commitment to extracting the maximum life out of every tyre on our fleet, plus the benefits of the fleet inspections from a safety perspective. It is another area where we are adding value for customers.”



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