Should you be Advertising your Business on your Commercial Vehicle?

With the New Year here you may be looking at your business strategy and thinking of ways to advertise your products or services to encourage more business in 2015. With this in mind, here at VanQuoteDirect we have provided some reasons as to why you should use your commercial vehicle as your advertising space!

It is probably the most obvious resource that you have but many fail to communicate what they are using their vans for, which in effect is a moving billboard for your business. Obviously, there are reasons as to why people don’t advertise on the side of their van, including cost and potentially security issues if you are a courier, but below are some reasons as to why you should.

It really is no question as to whether you should or shouldn’t advertise on your van unless you need to be discrete. Your business needs exposure and you need to let others know what you are offering and why they should choose you. Maybe you have the best prices in the local area or are using state of the art equipment that your competitors aren’t, either way you need to communicate these facts to your potential customers. It is likely that advertising on your van is the cheapest method of advertising as it is just a one off payment and is there until you change your vehicle.

It is understandable that if you are a courier then you might not want to advertise the fact that you are carrying several hundreds of pounds worth of goods in your vehicle because there is the risk that when you stop for a coffee someone might be tempted to break into it. However, in terms of securing your vehicle it is important that you fit it with the best devices around and not leave anything in it overnight. However, in terms of vehicle theft, if you have livery then your vehicle is actually less likely to be stolen. This is because it is easily identifiable and therefore not usually a target for thieves.

In the past van livery has been very limited and usually only included the name of the company and contact details, but more recently this has changed. Big brands such as Tesco use their vehicles as moving billboards and there is now the technology to have your vehicle looking exactly how you want it. You can even have photographs printed so the only question is, how do you want your vehicle to look?

There are some things that you will need to consider rather than just slapping whatever you like on the side of your vehicle, after all it needs to represent your brand: you need to take into account your target audience and what you want to tell them and make sure that the way you communicate with them is in a way that is interesting, relevant and understandable. If, for example, you are selling car parts to garages then it is perfectly acceptable to use jargon, however if you are a mobile garage and are servicing in an area that is mostly inhabited by the elderly, using jargon is unlikely to generate extra business. To give the impression of professionalism you might want to include phrases such as ‘established in’ ‘certified in’ etc.

The amount of money that you have for advertising will determine the amount of livery you can have on your vehicle and what you can do with it. Make sure that even if you have a small budget you are using it wisely and not just putting an image on the side of your van because you can.

If you are looking to do the job on a budget then you can pick up vinyl lettering, however if what you have in mind requires vehicle wrapping then you need to find a professional who will do this for you.

If you are in the process of purchasing a new vehicle with a mind to adding advertising to it, ensure that you actually factor this in when choosing the vehicle. If you have a long business name for example it is better to have a large flat panel vehicle (if, of course, this is appropriate for your line of work).

If you are looking to cover your entire van in a colour you should opt to have it re-sprayed rather than cover it in vinyl as this is going to be more expensive. Think about what colours are going to stand out on the road but don’t choose a colour that is fashionable at the time as this changes at least yearly which in turn will make your vehicle look outdated quickly.

When it comes to choosing a colour for your livery make sure that people are going to be able to see it. Light grey on a white vehicle is not very prominent. You should also consider road signs and take inspiration from these: the colours were chosen because you can see them clearly from a distance.

It is also important to consider how easy it is to add or remove the vinyl from your vehicle because you don’t know when your details might change. Not all vinyl is the same so it is important to check that it is colourfast outdoors.

Now you have all this information you are probably wondering how much everything costs! If you are looking for a digitally reproduced image on the back of your Sprinter, like the Sky vehicles, you should expect this to cost you somewhere between £1200 and £1500. If, instead, you want the same image however just on the doors, you are looking at £450-£650. If this still seems too expensive then you can do the job yourself with some vinyl stickers but ensure that you have at least have your business name, address and telephone number, this can be done from £75.

When it comes to selling your vehicle ensure that you remove the livery. The last thing you want is someone to commit a crime in a vehicle with your business details on it!

Photo by Sarah Joy / CC BY-SA 2.0



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