A spoke in the wheel for Cambridgeshire van drivers

It would appear that van drivers in the heartland of England are about to meet up with yet another competitor at a time when business is proving ever more difficult to conduct profitably. It is no secret that higher fuel costs and more expensive commercial vehicle insurance is stretching some businesses to the limit, they are now coming up against a competitor with no fuel costs whatsoever.

Rivals have influential backing

Cambridgeshire van drivers are about to meet up with a competitor on two wheels! A bicycle delivery courier service will be offering their services to the city and they expect to siphon off a majority of the light goods delivery business in the city without getting out of the saddle. The company, Outspoken Delivery, are part of a European Union project to dramatically cut the energy use of transport in European cities; they have the backing of Local Authorities, energy saving groups, cycle organisations and politicians throughout the EU.

Cambridge the perfect setting

The threat to van drivers in the area is real, with Outspoken Delivery saying they are confident their cargo bikes can offer innovative delivery solutions to inner city traders. It is also a fact that they will not look out of place in the University City. It is no coincidence the Cycle Logistics Project has chosen Cambridge to launch their UK goods delivery platform it is a perfect location for the trial. The flat hinterland around the city allows cyclists to travel for miles before hitting any incline of significance.

Although the first meetings of the group were held in Copenhagen, which probably ranks alongside Amsterdam as the most cycle friendly city in Europe, Cambridge has long held the reputation for the UK’s most alternative transport friendly city. If students aren’t riding a bike they can be often found falling out of a punt on the River Cam. Joking apart, business van insurance, road tax, diesel costs and city parking charges add up to a big part of a couriers overheads and a rival that does not have to pay any of these extras, is a rival that must be taken seriously. It is enough to turn a White Van Driver grey!



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