Monthly Archives: February 2011

Drivers tyred of pothole damage

Van drivers can be perhaps forgiven a little today if their attention is turned to their vehicles tyres. Of course many van drivers spend long hours on the roads of the UK every day, many listen to the radio and for the last 24 hours van tyres have cropped up more than once in conversations on the airwaves.
Hot air
The hot topic over the last couple of days on quite a few media outlets has been the subject of potholes (because you can imagine potholes trending!) […]

Speed camera debate gets more confusing

The situation regarding traffic speed cameras appears to be getting more confusing by the day. Van drivers who reckoned their commercial vehicle insurance quote would no longer be put in jeopardy by road safety cameras may well have to think again.
Who benefits?
Over the last 12 months many Local Authorities have decided that Government cuts have put the running and maintenance of fixed speed cameras in particular, beyond their budgets. The main bone of contention all […]

Van drivers sure to be part of sad statistics

It would appear from the latest unemployment figures released by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) that there will be considerably less van drivers looking for commercial vehicle insurance over the next few months as the jobless total grows – sad statistics..
Women bear the brunt
The biggest victims of the latest round of job cuts appear to be young people in general, and young women in particular. The statistics show that 1 in 5 people aged between […]

How often do you wash yours?

A recent survey has shown that van drivers are not only quick to clean up on any good van insurance offers; they are pretty smart when it comes to cleaning their vans too.
The survey carried out by a company offering commercial vehicle insurance to van drivers showed that the White Van Man was more conscious of the outside appearance of his vehicle than any other road user. Apparently almost 40% of van drivers clean their vehicle on a weekly basis compared to only 15% of […]

Van sales continue to grow

The continued success story of increasing van sales goes on unchecked according to the latest figures released by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). The figures for January 2011 show that commercial van insurance will have been sought for approximately 17,100 new vans last month. For that was the number of new vans registered in the UK. The figures once more reflect the determination of our motor trade to ride out the stormy financial seas and the fortitude of the retail, transport and […]

Mercedes infiltrate the M25

The incentive for van drivers in the South-East and particularly London to take out commercial vehicle insurance on a Mercedes Benz vehicle will soon seem a lot more appealing as the German motor manufacturer looks to saturate the UK capital with van centres in the first part of 2011. Van manufacturers such as Ford, Vauxhall and Fiat will be looking on in consternation as the German company looks to establish itself as the main van seller […]

Vauxhall enter the fray

The fight for supremacy in the van market continues apace as one manufacturer after the other release statements assuring the industry that they are putting their best foot forward in offering commercial enterprises a green solution to their motoring. Not to mention the fact that they hope their latest offering will have van fleet insurance providers knocking at the showroom doors.
Cheap van insurance or lower emissions?
It is now accepted by the industry as a whole that the first question one should ask when buying a […]