Monthly Archives: October 2010

Van drivers still buying new van stock

The latest data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) suggests that the van and truck industry is still holding up, although industry experts will be frantically looking at the Spending Review to work out its effect on the transport business.
September figures show that the drivers of vans are still getting commercial vehicle insurance quotes for new vehicles as the sales figures for trucks and vans went up by 3.7% on the same period for 2009. Overall the sales of vans and trucks […]

Used van business holding up

With the car industry stalling and the country waiting for the results of the spending review, it does appear that work for used van drivers is still holding up.
The results from the UK’s two biggest Auction sites suggest that industries where light commercial vehicles are used seem to be doing better than average and the demand for second hand vehicles is growing.
According to the people at Mannheim Auctions plenty of van drivers are still seeking commercial vehicle insurance on LCV’s being presented at auction. Figures […]

Drive smart and save money on insurance

For any van driver, the renewal of their commercial vehicle insurance is important. Obviously it is important because without it one should not be on the road but apart from that, many van drivers still regard insurance as a necessary evil.
To get a good deal on van insurance gives a driver that comfortable feeling of being ahead of the game. It’s marvellous how saving £50 can have such an uplifting effect. The trick is to put some work into getting that good deal.
First of all […]

Tyre manufacturer treading a fine line

Van drivers in the UK are just as keen as other motorists in seeking ways to save money on their daily driving costs. Looking for savings on their commercial vehicle insurance, finding short cuts on their delivery rounds and driving the vehicle at its optimum fuel saving speed are all well known and acknowledged ways of achieving this. There are other ways as well.
Tyre manufacturer, Continental tyres have just released a new tyre that they believe will save van drivers money and have lots of […]

Driverless vans close in their target

Four bright orange vans that captured the world’s imagination in early summer are now half way through their epic journey.
The four vans set off from Parma, in Italy, to a fanfare farewell from environmentally friendly organisations from all over the globe on July 26th with the intention of arriving in Shanghai in time for the World Expo 2010.
What was so special about the vans? Well apart from being bright orange, they are completely powered by natural fuel. Solar panels on the vehicles produce the electricity […]

Grieving mothers look for van ban

It seems that a catalogue of accidents involving 15 seater vans could bring about a ‘van ban’ on their use for college and school students.
At the moment there is big debate going on in North America about their suitability and even their roadworthiness as several accidents have resulted in loss of life. The story can be traced back to 2008 when two students in Canada lost their lives in separate accidents.
Isobel Haines and Stella Gurr, both lost sons in the 2008 crashes and ever since […]