Monthly Archives: May 2010

New drivers will face a much tougher driving test

It would appear that today’s new breed of van driver may well be a little older and have a little less cash in his pocket if the experts predictions about the new driving test come to fruition. The driving test is celebrating its 75th birthday and during all those years it has more or less stayed the same. However, on October 4th 2010 the new driving test will start, and before the prospective van driver can even think about getting a commercial vehicle insurance quote, […]

Drive safely whatever the weather

One of the best feelings in the world is hearing the driving test examiner say “I am happy to say that you have passed the driving test”. From that moment, one thing is 100% certain, during the years of driving; many different driving conditions will be experienced. A big part of becoming both a skillful and experienced driver is learning the best methods of safe driving when road conditions are far from ideal. While taking driving lessons it is unlikely that all the dangers such […]

Beware the faulty alternator

It is a cold dark morning, with snow starting to fall. Jumping into the van on the way to work, you start the engine which does so grudgingly after failing to catch the first few times. The heater finally starts to remove the freezing conditions in the van and the radio starts to cut out, soon after the lights on the dashboard start to dim. After a few minutes the heater and the radio cut out completely. As the cold returns to the vehicle the […]

The Citroen Berlingo – still a driving force for vans

The Citroën Berlingo van is one of the best selling vans in the UK, and is a popular choice for many commercial vehicle insurance customers. When you see a Berlingo, you would describe it as practical, reliable and also versatile. It has a very modern look and year after year the Berlingo continues to be top of the list in the small van market.
Whichever version you decide on, you will not be let down. The vehicle has an excellent level of versatility, and if required […]