What is the Public’s Opinion on Tradesmen?

A report was commissioned during July by TrustMark in which they hoped they would be able to find out the public’s opinion on British tradesmen. There were mixed results, positive and negative which outlined that overall homeowners are confident in tradesmen however rogue traders are tarnishing the industry. The results showed that because of the minority this is having an effect on the public’s opinion turning a positive into a negative.

The report revealed that 71% of people who took part in the survey and used a tradesman were very happy with the level of service and the quality of the job they had performed. During the research the interviewee’s were asked to describe the tradesmen they had used, many described them as trustworthy, skilled and professional. However there were 25% that felt that they had had a negative experience with tradesmen. While nearly half believe that there perceptions were shaped by rogue trader programmes on the TV which are designed to show the effects of cowboy builders and to catch the criminals operating within the industry.

Liz Male is the chairman of TrustMark and she has said, “The appalling activities of rogue traders are tarnishing the reputation of British tradesmen and this must stop.”

A spokesman from We Fix Now has said, “It is excellent news that many homeowners have had a positive experience with tradespeople. However, it is of concern that some homeowners have had a negative experience and believe that their perception has been affected by TV programmes which identify rogue traders. For those looking for a plumber or electrician, it is important to use and engineer who is reliable, trustworthy and efficient whilst providing excellent service. When looking to get your gas boiler maintained or fixed, ensure that the engineer is Gas Safe Registered.”

Although, the same company who commissioned this research also put out a warning saying that homeowners are losing confidence in our tradesmen, although they have had a positive experience.
The government are concerned over the image of the industry also, because at the beginning of July they launched the Industrial Strategy for Construction. The government believe that having a good reputation for this sector is essential to the success of the construction industry as a whole. The more positive the opinion of the domestic sectors the more young people who will be attracted into working in this area.

The key findings of the research commissioned by TrustMark are:

• 20% of people asked said they would encourage their friends and family to become a skilled tradesman and get a job in this sector if the overall opinion of the ability of these people was a more positive one.

• When asked the statement, “Many tradesmen do a good job – there are some great firms out there,” around 43% agreed with the statement. However 50% said they lacked confidence around the amount of protection that was available for them while hiring a tradesman to complete work in their homes.

• 94% of those asked admitted that they would feel more comfortable of tradesmen’s abilities if they had fully inspected some of their previous work to check that it had met the standards outlined within the industry.

Overall, to help give a boost to the economy the construction industry needs a kick start and the way to help doing this is by improving the attitudes towards tradesmen. It is important to remember that the programmes on the TV are to make you aware of the damages that rogue traders can cause and that it is essential to do your research before hiring someone. This is the same for anything not just for tradesmen. All qualified tradesmen will have the correct levels and types of insurance policies, even down to van insurance so if an accident was to happen, you are safe in the knowledge that it won’t cost you anymore money.

Not only will a positive attitude help kick start the construction industry, hopefully it will provide more job opportunities for those who are out of work. This will mean more skilled workmen will be available to help boost the positive attitude towards tradesmen even further and help eliminate the rogue operators.

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