Volkswagen offers cheap finance deals on all Vans

When purchasing a van, one of the most important things to consider is what your budget is and what type of van you can realistically get for your money. Not only this, you must also include in your budget the amount it will cost to run the vehicle, how much van insurance would be, and also the amount of road tax you would have to pay. All of this can add up very quickly, meaning that it can sometimes be difficult to find a good quality commercial vehicle that is also affordable.

It’s good news then that Volkswagen are offering contract hire or finance lease offers for their entire commercial vehicle range until March of this year. Volkswagen are known for their good quality commercial vehicles, and therefore have been a popular choice for many van drivers over the years. Now, thanks to Volkswagen’s new finance deals, you could drive away with a brand new Volkswagen van for less than two hundred pounds per month, which means that even those on the tightest budgets can invest in good quality commercial vehicles.

Discussing the scheme, director of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, Alex Smith, said: “Low rate finance, stronger residual values, plus a choice of efficient engines using BlueMotion Technology, significantly reduce the whole life costs of our vans, and make them exceptionally good value.” The cheapest deal that Volkswagen is offering as part of their finance lease offer is for the new Caddy, which is available from £199 a month (excluding VAT), whilst the Transporter model can be bought from £239 per month, and the Crafter from £309 (also excluding VAT). Furthermore, Volkswagen are planning on paying one thousand pounds as a rental contribution for anyone buying a Caddy or Crafter, or five hundred pounds for those investing in a Transporter.

For those that want to invest in a new Volkswagen commercial vehicle in a more traditional way, the company is also offering hire purchase or lease purchase methods, which all are available with a flat rate interest fee of just 3.9 per cent. Furthermore, Volkswagen will pay £1,000 as a deposit contribution for the Caddy and the Crafter, and £2,000 for the Transporter. We think it is great to see that van manufacturers are making it easier for van drivers to purchase new models, but just remember to check all the details carefully before you invest.

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